Mountain Bike/ Fishing Doubleheader Weekend Suggestions

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  1. The family is out of town the first weekend of June so I'm a bachelor and planning to do a bit of mountain biking and hopefully some fishing. Just finishing up building a new bike so I'm definately going to be riding but would like to wet a line in the same day/ weekend as a the ride. Knowing that it'll be prime runoff and I don't have a float tube, looking for some suggestions on the fishing end of the doubleheader. Below is what I'm thinking as my top 3 options (I'm gonna be riding with another guy so I need to keep it in WA and we're out of the Seattle Metro area and looking for something besides the Yak). If runoff is too bad, which I assume it will be, may just need to bag the fishing.
    • Devil's Gulch (Cle Elum/ Wenatchee/ Leavenworth area)/ The Naches- This is the first option and I've always wanted to fish the naches
    • Skookum Flats (near Rainier)/ White River?
    • Plains of Abraham (near St Helens)/ ...I have no clue about rivers in this area
  2. If you do Devil's Gulch, the are some great little put and take lakes at the top. You can fish them from shore and at 4000 feet, you'll be in a beautiful pine forest with temps much lower than in the valley. What you won't be is alone as the larger lake, Beehive, gets tons of families. The smaller one above it gets way less pressure.

    There are some other area high lakes you could ride to and fish from shore so if you don't want to make the 2.5 hr drive to fish a blown out river, let me know and I'll give you some other ideas.
  3. The devil's gulch trail is closed thanks to the fire and blowdown over the winter. 8 mile trail out of Icicle Road and the trailheads out to Colchuck and Stewart are also closed thanks to the blowdown on the road as well. The only possibility in this area are French, Jack, and maybe parts of Icicle Creeks. Runoff's really boiling right now thanks to the warm weather. If the warm spell keeps up, it's possible that we may see the streams dropping a little by June.
  4. You could try Rat Pack near Cle Elum. From there you've got access to a few nice creeks and small rivers in the area. It's also about the same distance from the Naches as Devils Gulch. Another idea would be the Taneum Creek System.

    I have another Idea that I'll send you in a PM.
  5. This is no bueno...knew the fire had gotten close to the trail last year and heard its a great ride. Guess I'll have to reserve this one for later this year or next year. Thanks for the heads up...
  6. How about biking in to Dusty Lake from the bottom! Not a difficult ride, but plenty of beautiful scenery and some good fishing possibilities at Dusty!!! A side trip to Ancient Lakes as well!

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