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  1. Have a week off to explore & just poke around in August & looking to break out my Watermaster & catch some bows while primitive camping. Like to go up high 3000-5000' to nice small acre fir/spruce tree ringed lake. Eastside preferred, any semi-remote spots to share? Going to fly fish drys & wets & all will fish be C&R'ed

    Pm if you don't want to post.

  2. Turquoise, Joe or Alaska lakes

  3. Time to break out my... Lakes of Washington volume 2
  4. Alaska and Joe are north on the PCT out of Snoqualmie pass about 9 and 10 miles in respectively. Turquoise is off trail out of French Ridge at the end of the Icicle Creek. It's also about a 9 mile hike with a nasty uphill. Last I knew there was no established trail to the lake. Only thing that makes these lakes special is the distance cuts down on the fishing pressure.
  5. Right now you will want to get very high (elevation). I was fishing in a lake at 7100 feet waders surface water temp was over 70. This is in Eastern Oregon where valley temps have been in the 90's for over a week. Temperature at that elevation was 78 when we drove up. Fishing was good (just stocked with 1800 14-18 inch bows) but fish are hunkered down and swimming is great for the first time I can remember!
  6. Good call on the temps, hope it cools off in the next week or so. Don't see myself packing that watermaster in too far.
  7. You might check out Tiffany Lake in the okanogan. Long trip on bad road, but short hike to a lake with lots of 10 inch brooks and cutts.....(BTW that info is 20 years old, but probably still close). Nice camping up there.
  8. Maybe east or west Foss? Never been up there, but there are a ton of lakes in the area and you could probably hit half a dozen in a single trip. Wta trip report from a week ago had snow on the trail so I think the lake temps would be ok.

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  9. What's the weight on the watermaster?
  10. Lake Dorothy is an easy and popular hike that you ought to be able to lug your WM up to. Since it is a pretty big lake, once you are there, you can get away from the crowds with the WM.
  11. Deer, bear, and Snoqualmie lakes aren't too far past Dorothy either. I I know that at least 2 of them have fish in them.
  12. Still looking for a lake I can drive to or get close enough to hump the Watermaster into. BTW, it weighs in about 43 lbs in its pack so I'm not going to drag it too far in.

  13. At 43 lbs I'd measure the distance to the launch in yards and not miles.
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  14. Tiffany is a easy hike and you would drive right by Rogers lake EB
    In Rogers as well as aTiffany If you are up to a Bushwack there is Little Tiffany it is all cutties, I was at Little Tiffany 2 summers ago lot of
    Fiesty 6 to 12 in fish very eager for a fly. No trail to speak of about 2 mile walk in. Just get a map and go for it.
    Kelly Michelsen
  15. This probably isn't what you're looking for - as it's not the best for camping (1 site?) and too close the road (5 minute walk?) - but I fished Evans Lake off Hwy 2 logging roads 20+ years ago. Tiny shallow mtn lake. On a few occasions I caught numerous fish, on one occasion I actually caught decent fish (a couple 15-18"). Can't recall if bows or cutts. Has anyone fished Evans more recently? PM me if you prefer.

    Around that time I fished many good mtn lakes -- but I can't recommend any for a heavy load like yours.

    Has anyone fished Mildred Lakes (OP) recently? Again, some great fish 20-25 years ago. PM if you prefer.

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