mountain lions: any repellents?

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  1. i'd agree that cougars are way down on the list of things to worry about, as are bears for the most part. However listening to a cougar scream just outside your camp will inhibit the continued development of whatever balls you may have for at least a couple of years. Happened to me over 35 years ago but the old nutsack still tightens when I remember.
  2. Don't worry about cats, they don't bother you that often. If you see one and you don't like being in the same area, just make noise, yell at it, and appear bigger than it. They'll usually run away, they are more scared of you then you of them. Besides it's not the cats you see that you have to worry about, it is the ones you don't see. They are the ones stalking you and chances are if they choose to attack, they will be on top of you before you even know they are there. Anybody who has spent even the littlest amount of time in the woods, has probably been "stalked" by a cat, 90+% of the time you never know. But humans aren't really considered food by cats. Stay away from kill zones and cubs.:thumb: Or you can just stay home. Cat's around the world are probably the best hunters on this planet...IMO.
  3. I have hearded stories about cougs stalking people from older aquintences who have had more experience in the woods than I (what can I say, im a young un) and people rarely will walk up and spook one. But the cougar everytime spooked and ran off or stopped stalking, If your really worried, carry a sidearm, 9mm proably because by the time you need it (which i can bet you you never ever will) the coug will be coming at you and you want the stopping power, or carry a shot gun with slugs or buck shot. But if you dont have a gun and the cougar does approach you, hold your pack over your head and make yourself seem big, and it will run off. bear spray, as recomended above, probably would work for cougars, both 2 legged and 4 legged :D and I bet if you hike alot here, theres a chance you've been stalked, but had no idea. I was on a day hike with a group of ten people and we were followed and didn't realize tell a group behind us spotted tracks.
  4. They taste like Veal
  5. preach brother!

    i just got out of the grand gulch and hiked over 6 seperate sets of mt lion tracks and bivied out everynight. honestly i was more worried about if it was gonna rain (in the desert) then i was about an attack by a lion. they might sometimes now and then attack a smal child that is alone, but a full grown adult male is not within the normal "prey" size that a mt lion would go after. if your gettin attacked its likely a rabid animal. with that said the most realistic deterrent is just staying home, because the saying is if you notice a lion is attacking you its already way to late.
  6. For the last couple of years, just hang out in the end zone, or the win column. There haven't been Cougs around there for a long time.
  7. Years ago, when her Ladyship and I used to do a lot of cycling with a club in Sacramento, we were going out for a ride on New Year's Day, leaving from the Sacramento State Univ. South parking lot. We entered campus on the North side, and drove through the arboretum to get there, and passed a kitty sunning himself on the lawn! They come down the American River bike trail after the deer which live in the green belt on either side of the trail. That made a total of 4 cats I've seen in my life in the woods. Great looking creatures, they move with an amazing grace and power! No, I'm much more concerned about the pot farms in the woods, and the scum which inhabit them.
  8. Of all the times that I have been in the woods fishing, you guys are starting to scare me. I heard one up on Pilchuck Creek one time. If you have never heard a cougar cry, when you hear one you will just know. I fished for a little while but it's bawling made me leave. It sounded like it was right next to me. Scared the bejebbers out of me.

    Now I ride my Quad in the woods and now after reading this I'll probably start looking both ways when out riding. I keep thinking of a side arm. But I don't like guns that much. And besides the people that I ride with are well heeled.

    The trouble with Montana is that when you step out your door you are almost alone in the woods. There are bears, Cougars, and there is the Wolf.

  9. Rent a donkey, they kill cougs.:rofl:
  10. I've been in some of the most remote country in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington over the last 30 years or so chasing elk, deer, and other game. To this day, the most I've seen is cat tracks. You'll be fine.
  11. Its the thread that won't die. Nevermind, already!
    Im just gonna take all your great advise and curl up in the fetal position and grow some ballz.
  12. Oh gees! Don't be a sissy! You have nothing to worry about. These gun carrying guys always get everybody worked up. I've fished all my life walking thru the woods on lonely trails by myself, hiked on 50 milers by myself, etc. No cougar fears ever. Don't waste you money on a gun, buy a fly rod instead, a nice backpack, and for Christ's sake enjoy yourself! It would be a RARE situation to have some sort of attack on you. You must be from the "city", right?
  13. Alex, i have a pet theory about mountain bikers looking like "fleeing deer" to cougars. There have been a few cougar attacks on mountain bikers. (Sorry, don't have links offhand).
    I never run along trails any more (used to be into "trail running" when younger). I never want to appear that I'm fleeing from anything. This concerns me a little bit, as I plan to ride my hybrid mt bike on gated logging roads in known cougar country, to get to fishing spots. I might get a handlebar holder for an ipod and some speakers, and crank the volume up LOUD for the ride. Also, bright dayglow chartreuse and hot orange flags, maybe some shiny foil. If I don't make noise and stand out as something unnatural, I might just look like food to a cougar while riding along.
    I really don't care whether or not if this noisy spectacle offends any "emos" I might encounter along my route, as long as I feel a little safer, myself. Looking out for #1, always.
  14. Save your money and just do the clothes pins and baseball card trick!

    But if you do get the speakers hooked up make sure you blast "Bow Down to Washington" and "Tequila"....actually, maybe not, that might provoke them.:rofl:
  15. 357 mag would be my repellant.I have heard tall things make them scared.Like put a small child on your shoulders.Mountain lions will stalk you.And thats about all they will do.Bears and wolves would make my nervous.
  16. I was thinking of playing something very obnoxious and grating, and perhaps even more terrifying than a cougar's scream. Maybe Alanis Morissette, but then my ears would be hurtin' for certain, too!
  17. Instead of Alanis may I suggest Bjork!

    Maybe the most appropriate song would be Bicycle Race from Queen, let me know if the bike riders down in Westport look like the ones in the video...I will be down there ASAP.

  18. Hanson would scare the sh$t out of me... Hell I would run from you!!!

  19. Thank you for that! Chicks who ride are #1!

    On second thought, I'll be playin "Working Man's Dead," "American Beauty," or some country music, to avoid getting shot by hunters for the reason of GP. Alanis sounds too much like a dying goat, and might actually draw an attack.
  20. When I was up on the Kenai peninsula a few years back our guide told us a funny story about clients and guns. Seems he hired out to guide a guy from the lower 48 who wanted to bag a grizzly. They'd been out for a couple days and hadn't seen a bear, but the guide finally had to ask why the client always carried this big ol' Ruger Blackhawk 44 mag revolver around. The client says "Well, in case we see a grizzly!"

    The guide told him "Let me give you a little tip. Take this file and file all the sharp edges off of that front sight until all the edges are smooth.".

    The client asked "But this is a very expensive sight, won't that make it less accurate?".

    The guide said "Well, yeah, maybe, but it'll hurt a lot less when you shoot a grizzly with it and he takes it away from you and shoves it up your ass.".

    The guide told us that yeah, you shoot a grizzly center of mass (chest) with a .44 mag and he'll die. He'll take 10 or 15 minutes to do it though, and in the meantime, your ass is his.

    He told us if we see a grizzly to get down on our knees, head on the ground and cover your head as best you can with your arms. Stay tucked into a ball no matter what, and the bear will likely swat at you and maybe even bite you some, but will probably then leave with you alive.

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