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  1. I'm just curious, do you work hard at being a pompous ass or does it come naturally?
  2. That fish in the pictures looks in fact like a big brook trout to me and not a bull trout, blow it up to see there are red spots with blue halos. The fins are really brookie like as well.
  3. It also looks like it has spots on the dorsal fin, but as mentioned by the OP, I'm not a bio.

    One does not have to be a bio to know that it's against the regs to pull a fish out of the water for a photo op.
  4. Done and Done. As Homer would say. At least I learned who the assholes are on this site. That's about all I learned.
  5. Interesting read. Thanks for the perspective.

    EDIT: All I can say is WOW!
  6. You tend to jump to conclusions and you did imply that the listing were because of over fishing. My query was genuine. I really would like to know why Bull Trout were ESA listed. I thought with your claim to be a biologist you may have that information. No need for you to become an asshole over it.
  7. Why is it that Wilken and Allison just plain piss people off?

    Oh....I see....

    never mind.
  8. Not always.
  9. Sorry my mistake.

    Did anyone save that bull picture? I want to look at it again.
  10. Apparently there are some out there that found my post quite interesting and wondered why I deleted it. My intention originally was to post a good TR, about a great trip, to share with the mountain lake flyfisher community. I haven't been a member here for long so I guess I was naive about the temperment of some folks who squat here. Eventually someone who, apparently, (based on PMs from others who have labelled her in ways that are not appropriate for this response) is notorious for being a know it all aggrivator, outed the lakes name. This wasn't that big of a deal because I've been fishing this lake for many, many years and I know how hard it can be to be consistently successful there especially over a range of seasons and weather patterns. In addition, I knew when I posted the TR that there were clues in there that an enthusiastic alpine fisher would be able to use to find the destination and I was cool with that. But finally, the same know it all started questioning the ID of the big fish along with one other inexperienced armchair biologist. I could see where this was leading. Soon the word would be out that there were 4 lb. plus brookies in this lake and invariably the result was going to be more head bonked bull trout. This was not the result that I had hoped to get from the post and it made me wish I had never posted. Hence, the removal of the fish pics, and the info, and my responses and any chance that I will ever post an alpine lake TR on this site again.

    By the way, that fish was out of the water for a total of 3 seconds for that pic. It swam out of sight like a rocket within two seconds of being returned to the water. I'll be damned if some pointy headed policy maker is going to keep me from getting a good pic of a monster alpine fish (in June at nearly 3000 feet). I've been catching and releasing bull trout in this lake for nearly two decades before the species was listed and retaining bullies became illegal. I've never retained a bull trout out of this lake and I never will. and I would bet my house that not one bull trout has died as a result of me landing and releasing him/her. Had it been July or August and the water and air temps were higher I would not have taken it out of the water. I'm absolutely certain that fish is still swimming in that lake unless another fisherperson caught it and couldn't ID it as anything more than dinner. As far as I'm concerned, that pic was about as unethical as driving 2 miles over the speed limit on a four lane highway. Now let the lectures begin because I know some of you just can't keep your big keyboards shut. Entertain me.

    In closing, I would be happy to share stories or info about alpine lake fishing with anyone who is interested. I have been frequenting such destinations for a long time and I share info readily unless there are native fish stocks at risk by doing so. I'd like to share as much as I'd like to learn. Send me a PM and I'd be happy to share info, ideas or experiences.
  11. Someone will get his or her knickers in a twist but here goes: Another fine example of aggressive people forcing censorship and minimizing opportunities for interaction among interested members. Everyone who was interested likely loses in this case. Disappointing.
  12. One of my very first posts was about hiking into a lake that's stocked with Triploids. It's only a couple of miles in. I was asked via PM to take it down. I thought it was a little frivolous since the lake was so close-in, and stocked with Triploids no less, but honored the request without incident. I was new to the forum, no less.

    When did the forced censorship occur? Certainly not in this case, and not in my case either.

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