Mouse Swap?

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Connor H, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Dudes - Any chance to still get in on this swap? I have been in absentia from the board for a couple months, and just saw this one. I would love to get in on it if there is still time and there are no objections to a 7th participant...

  2. Got a furry package in the mail today from western, sweet looking mouses dude.
    Hey Marcus I think I want to leave it up to the rest of the guys in the swap. I personally don't mind tying an extra fly and Western tied a couple of extras, lets hear what they have to say.

  3. Im good with tying another one, Marcus. Call the pied piper.
  4. Trade me spaces... I won't have the time for this one guys, Sorry!
  5. i should have mine out by the end of next week
  6. Sent em out today.
  7. Thanks guys. It looks like I am taking Connor's spot? I'll have my mouses tied and in the mail post-haste. Just to be clear, do I need to send 5 or is it 6?
  8. Alright the masses have spoken Chattrm is taking conor's spot. Chat you need to send 5 flys out. Here is an updated list.
    Fly punk
    Snaglovin: deer hair mouse-completed
    Jmills: Moorish meeses
    Western: Blair mouse recieved
    Nick Biederman: in the mail

    looks like you guys are tying hard we might have these flys in hand before the end of May.
  9. Been busy remodeling basement, but will have them in the mail in a couple of days. :thumb:
  10. Just doing a check to see where everyone is with the mice. I have recieved flys from western. Nick you said you sent yours out on the 2nd but I haven't received them yet??m
  11. snag...i sent mine early this week...Monday, let me know when you receive them
  12. Mine will be off Monday. for sure:thumb:
  13. Mine will be in the mail within the next couple days. I hope I am not the last one...
  14. You should be getting my vermin any day. Thanks for picking up the reigns on for this one. And we all escaped rabies. :thumb:
  15. hey dudes I got a package from Josh the other day I figure I'll have the rest by the end of the week or monday I'll get them out to yous as soon as I can
  16. hey snag,
    how we doin? did mine show up? just checkin in.
  17. Heya...same here ...where are we at. Mine were sent in a long time ago
  18. Uh..... the first was the deadline, right? What's happening?
  19. I am the horrible, horrible terrible person who has slowed this swap down to a crawl. For that, I am sorry. My vermin are done and in the mail tomorrow morning (Friday). Again, I am sorry to be the slow wheel...
  20. Hey Snag you gonna chime in on this? Whats happening? You got the bugs? have they been sent out? just checkin.

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