"Mr. Chumlee"

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Eyejuggler, Jan 12, 2014.

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    Ok, I posted an initial image in the gallery of my first version of this, an adaptation from Drew Chicones book "Feather Brain" which I absolutely love and highly recommend.
    I have never really been a synthetic material user but nearly all his flies use some form of EP or SF fibers, but they look hella cool so I jumped on it.
    My perspective is to adapt his tropical saltwater patterns for Puget Sound use, so downsizing and tweaking the colors.
    My first effort was his Mr Chumlee, a topwater slider designed to mimic a wounded baitfish.

    I did this one tonight and it meets my standards for size and shape, but I see more variety in shapes an colors down the road.

    Fun stuff and a nice tying break from my norm!

    The pattern is 2.5"X1"X1/4" in size and I used:

    Gama SL11-3H #8
    EB fibers 3D: Baitfish Belly and Dark Olive
    Red floss




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    Really awesome tie, not just the pattern but the quality of it all. I could see a musky hitting a perch colored version during the dog days of summer as well.
    It did kinda took me a second to take it all in, i.e. figure out what I was looking at:confused:. I haven't seen that type of pattern before but it totally makes sense, especially for clear, tropical water. I'll have to play around with it as a herring pattern this summer.
    Thanks for sharing
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    Thank you Pat! I have been tying for exactly one year, so much to learn and so much fun. I love more traditional ties, but I really get a kick out messing with funky and intriguing patterns and honing them for our sweet little Puget Sound.
    I am planning on making a few of these on Gama B10 S #2 for Bass this spring.
    Have you done much local Musky/Pike fishing? That is a fishery that totally intrigues me, I have a 10wt setup in the works and I am kinda psyched to see what that has to offer.
    You and your creations are one of my inspirations, so I look forward to seeing what you can create with your imagination!
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    I've been tying for... well let's not get into that, but that thing easily looks better than about anything I tie (don't get me wrong my patterns still catch the heck out of fish). I also needed to take some time to "take it all in". I'd love to see a step by step now.
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    Thanks Ira!
    I am a serious noobie, but I have a weird mind and try to tie things that look fun and fishy, I have a buttload to learn but am pleased with my results thus far.
    I will try to do an SBS this weekend between fishing and taking a Spey (Gasp) class on Saturday.
    Thanks for the kind words and right back at you, for YOU are the man about stillwater tying and catching! :)
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    Sweet tie Dave, very well tied !!! I too would like too see a SBS on this when you have time.... Cool idea, I like it !!!! There really is something new out there, that's refreshing !!! Thanks for sharing this ....

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