Mrs. Pheasant Tail

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by ScottP, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. ScottP Active Member

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    A little different look using hen tail (all tied on #16 Dai Riki 070)







    beadhead full flashback


    Soft Hackle (split thread)


    Although cock pheasant tail fibers have that special something, like peacock, the hen fibers are nicely marked and worth using.

  2. Michael v.d.Bogert Active Member

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    Scott I surely want them on the point of my line. Awesome and the first and last are my favorites!

  3. Michael v.d.Bogert Active Member

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    This one I have always in my fly box: Cove PT

  4. ambassadeur10000 Member

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    that's crazy I was thinking the same thing---the 1st and last are sweet
  5. Teenage Entomologist Gotta love the pteronarcys.

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    I like the bead head, both flash back and regular.
  6. GAT Active Member

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    I can't believe you've mutated a Teeny Nymph as you have :D

    Nice variations of a PT. I need to tie some of those with my shellback technique that I've gone nuts about :)
  7. Michael v.d.Bogert Active Member

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    i'm realy would like to see that fly!:)

  8. Jim Darden Active Member

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    I like um! They look a lot like an ""owly" tied with barbs from an owl wing.....
  9. Kaiserman content

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    I "guess" those are okay... Only one way to tell for sure. Send me 2 of each, and I'll get back to you.