Mt Rainier Tragedy Opens Nonsense Debate

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Desolate, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. Sorry, noted.

    This is exactly what I was thinking when I originally heard about this topic.

    It was not my intent to make this a for or against guns thread, but I guess it was inevitable. My original intent was to focus on what should be the topic like Flyborg mentioned.
  2. Fly Borg nailed it....

    And the comment about public sector employees not having an opinion, is by far the funniest/ most idiotic thing I have read in a long time..... :)

    Oh, and I dont call people that get kicked out of the military "Veterans".
    A dishonorable discharge does not make you a "veteran", it makes you "dishonorable".
  3. You guys hijacking the thread are out of line. This is an issue that belongs on this site. Does anyone fish in Glacier? or Yellowstone? or Olympic? I have and I would like to pack in all three when camping/fishing. We should be able to debate whether or not guns should be allowed and the abhorant tactics being used by scum like Mr Wade in trying to take that right away...again.

    This is a fly fishing issue.
  4. Not in my book. It's a gun control issue. If you want to debate gun control and how abhorrent opposite views are to yours find another format or label your thread NFR or SFR.

    My heart goes out to that Park Ranger and her family.
  5. It isn't my thread to label and if you fish in the National Parks it is an issue for a fly fishing message board.
    My heart also goes out to hear family and seeing her murder used as a pawn angers me enough to say so.
  6. Im sure just a worm pattern would work for crabs when i was a young kid i use to accidently catch crabs off of pile worms all the time
  7. this is the silliest statement in the whole thread. it's obvious that firearms training would not protect us from trap-doors or giant boulders. hasn't anyone here ever watched cartoons? it's clear we've watched plenty of westerns.

    guns aren't the problem, and they aren't the answer. just enjoy your guns for what they are. enjoy your your quick-draw jason bourne fantasy, buy a lottery ticket every week, and relax with the people who already agree with you.
  8. most criminals don't get guns legally outlawing guns leaves them armed and us not
  9. "Ideally, we'd be able to make gun ownership less of an unfettered right and more of a priviledge "From your post Lugan.Living by what the founders laid out is what makes this country what it is.When people start deciding that parts of the constitution are no longer needed or out of date you can bet the rest will soon follow.
  10. Fisherman having been discreetly packing into Glacier park for over thirty years. I would imagine Yellowstone is the same.
  11. My revision was perhaps only slightly less silly.
    Mutual self-destruction is often times a great deterent.(see my avatar for details)

    Unfortunately, this lends itself to both sides of the argument. Everybody or nobody? There are no easy answers to be had, and I think this creates even more intensity as we try to work our way though it.
  12. Fools, laws do nothing to assure our safety in the world. They are for lawyers and judges and jailers, that's all. It's all after the fact...and in this case it's too late. My heart goes out to the Rangers family and to the family of the shooter having to live with what their son has done.

    I curse the spineless bastards who jump on these tragedies like ambulance chasing lawyers to push their agendas. And the newspapers, TV stations, and anyone else who posts a picture of the shooter for their profit. The shooters picture should never be seen, it only glorifies what he did...
  13. I didn't realize the founders laid out the internet; I thought it was Al Gore!

    The Constitution is a living document. It is changed/modified/interpreted all the time in ways that provide sometimes subtle, sometimes significant differences. Heck, it was amended 10 times before it was two years old! (...and 17 times since then) In fact, the Constitution, itself, provides for the mechanism by which such changes are implemented, including a federal judicial system that is empowered with interpreting the Constitution to adapt to circumstances as they arise.

    I find it ironic that those who cry loudest about the "Founders" and their interpretation of the Constitution are often the least knowledgeable about either the Constitution or the authors' intent.

    We should no more want to go back to 18th century law and constitutional interpretations than we should want to go back to 18th century communications.

  14. Being armed does not insure a safe outcome. Ranger Anderson was armed and well trained at Quantico, the FBI Academy. I was reminded that this also means trained to assume the worst whenever a car blows past any kind of checkpoint, even when it's just for snow tires. Yet Barnes was able to stop near her road block and draw, aim, and fire his rifle hitting Anderson multiple times before she could act. He also shot at, and missed the ranger following behind. Sometimes things go wrong.

    As for the former law prohibiting firearms in national parks, it dates to the early years of the national park system and was directed at reducing poaching of wildlife. Law or no law, it makes no difference when a criminal suspect comes into the park.

  15. Why is this post not about how there needs to be a better debriefing program for people exiting the military (honorable and dishonorable)? I dont see how a person can come back from war and live like a normal person. Obviously this guy was pretty screwed up. I mean afterall, he did get a ticket for poaching and based on the amount of poaching and illegal fishing I see and call into the hotline for, you would have to be pretty stupid to actually be cited for it. Also, this may seem a bit off color but does anyone know if he had a WDFW parking pass, Discover pass, or a U.S. forest pass when he parked his vehicle?
  16. I know the constitution has been amended but there has never been a fundamental change like making gun ownership a privilege rahter than a right.Imo if the Const is a living breathing document than it has no value at all.Framing it in such a way gives any one in power the ability twist it into any form they wish.Like making gun ownership a privilege.
  17. Wow, I'm not sure whether WTF or HFS is the appropriate response :eek:

    I do however wholeheartedly agree with the last paragraph. Well, perhaps still on the fence about the use of a gun to procure food... pretty sure that's still a crime at Safeway ;)
  18. Guns go bang.
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