Mule Deer hunt

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    Took my 10 yr old hunting with me for my first WA deer hunting trip. We headed east of the mountains Thursday before the opener on Saturday. Headed cross country and made our own little basecamp. Scouted hard for a few days. The evening of the opener I finally found my target....

    Our base camp deep in the woods well off any known trail:

    Here's your sign...
    Just before the kill:

    Very thick bodied brute. 300lb range. Much heavier than my Idaho mule deer from last year. Took my a week to finally finish processing all the meat. Lots of good venison steak and ground up a ton of burger (grind with bacon = amazing venison burgers!),
  2. Roper Idiot Savant

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    Nice hunt, great that you brought your son along...what did he think of all of that?
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    Way to show a youngster the beauty of the outdoors! Those are things they will remember.
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    good on ya! All I got were dusty boots!
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    Nice buck! Congrats
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    Thanks Roper, and others...

    He had a great time. With 8 kids in the family, it is great to get some focused 1 on 1 time with each of them. So far, this guy seems to be my biggest hunting and fishing buddy.

    All the kids enjoyed seeing the deer and most helped in one way or another in the butchering, grinding, and eating :)

    Already planning next year and getting hunter ed lined up for a few of them.
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    Well done, man. Nice buck. I agree with the bacon trick.
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    Very nice. I love mule deer hunting. Nothing better than hunting with your kids. I took my daughter out during modern to try and get her first deer. No luck but she had a good time and I ended up with some priceless memories.