NFR Mumbles the Moderator? You have to be kidding me!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JesseC, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Mumbles is a moderator?

    What's next.... Old Man Jim? ;)
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  2. Easy tough guy. Consider me more like the custodian. My cleanup skips are okay, beyond that I'm limited. Besides, someone needs to keep smartasses like you in check. Wait, the members do that. Yeah, I'm here for the light work.
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  3. A welcome addition to the custodian team.

    We don't have that many moderating tasks beyond cleaning up the occasional spammer / spambot. Having another set of eyes on it is a good thing.

    Thanks, Ed.

  4. Plus Mumbles smells really nice.
  5. Congrats, Ed; good choice, Chris.
  6. If you can smell Ed then you are too close.
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  7. Well, he already reads e-v-e-r-y thread compulsively, so why not?
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  8. Never fear. I'm only here for the post count. Besides if I was one of them things I would delete all the smart asses.
  9. Does this mean we now have to treat him differently... or can we still trash at will?
  10. I'd opt for OMJ as his campaign mottos is "I will delete all the smart asses". We need less of them. Besides I know which camp I'd be in as my ex-wife used to refer to me as a dumb ass.
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  11. Did I miss something? Does that mean Ed is now management? Holy crap! We will have to watch what we say now. Whoops! There went a point.:p
  12. I'll still give him a hard time. I think he puts his pants on like I do. One leg at a time.

    I've seen Mods come and go here. Maybe he has a few more smarts than some others here.
  13. Good choice. Congrats Ed.
    I'd like to tease you. I probably will.
  14. What will they think of next?!!!
  15. I've shared a campsite or had him crash at my place many times. I can attest to the fact that Ed does NOT put pants on one leg at a time. He has an elaborate system for putting his pants on (he calls it re-pantalooning). It involves a trampoline, 3 trained teacup poodles, and a tub of crisco. It's creepy. He's a great family man and friend, but we took our families camping a while back. Both my kids saw his bizzarre re-pantalooning ritual. This was a year ago. If matty sees a trampoline, he won't talk for hours, and when 'Roo hears a dog bark, he sobs uncontrolably and asks over and over again "why did the bald man make the puppies slippery?" So Ed's a great guy, and I'm glad he's a mod. But don't jump to conclusions about the way he does things until you know him better.
  16. And I have been trying to stick my head through the leg, all this time. :oops:

    Congratulation, Mumbles.
  17. Its Mr. ED CALL, who the hell is this mumbles? And he's got a shiny new +59 rating. This guy is good!
  18. Pfffft... 59?
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  19. True words. Makes him a natural choice for this important job. The question that comes to mind is: Did Chris ask Ed to do this, or has Ed been begging and hounding Chris for the job as soon as an opening came up?
  20. There goes the F**king neighborhood :eek:.......congrats Ed.

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