NFR Mumbles the Moderator? You have to be kidding me!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JesseC, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. I did all the asking.
  2. O'rad, I don't know what is scarier: the detailed description you gave of how Ed puts his pants on or that you publically admit to having seen him many times without his pants on, LOL! Better watch yourself, Ed; O'rad seems to be paying way too close of attention when you're getting dressed!

    Congrats Ed!
  3. mumbles is the offical tenkara monitior!!!
  4. * Spine shivers in fear! * Umm...great.
  5. You guys are all weird. Especially that OrangeRadish. His poor children have to deal wirth these type of fabricated stories all the time.
  6. Ed; I enjoy your posts and believe that part will not change. The nice part for you to focus on are the posts that need deleting ASAP.
    Tight lines.
  7. Jason was it sorta like Ross and his leather pants?

    "I have powder..."
  8. Anyone that would give me a positive
    rating on a post should not be in charge
    of anything,
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  9. Excellent point. Mumbles is suspect. Beware! He likes and quotes posts to throw off everyone's numbers...because he pays so much attention to the numbers and what others think!
  10. The only number that Mumbles is looking for is the one that tops me. As long as I'm alive and kicking I don't think it will happen.
  11. Moles everywhere are celebrating. Congrats, Ed. Good move, Chris.
  12. No one can beat you Old Man. It is certainly not on my to do list. Coming to Dillon and fishing with you is though. I'll wait until after the OMJ/AKPM report to make plans!
  13. Thanks for editing that Ed.;)
  14. Yeah Jeff that typo on my phone would have gotten me some grief! Amazing what a single letter left out can do to change a message.
  15. I almost got it. Hit the reply and noticed it was fixed.
    "Missed it by that much.":D
  16. Mumbles is a mod? There goes the forum. I'm gonna' go back and retract any likes I may have inadvertently given Mumbles. Just because he's qualified for the job doesn't mean he should have it. What ever happened to nepotism?
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  17. Salmo_g, you've given me nothing short of a ration of razzing, and it has been appreciated. You can't retract it...words are like toothpaste, once out of the tube, you can't put them back from where they came!
  18. Ed, congrats on the mod job. You will do well.
  19. Mumbles,

    I only razz you because you've consistently represented yourself as a bit of a character, the kind who invites friendly ribbing, and rolls with it comfortably. You're like our Guatamalan co-worker who we've been figuratively "deporting" for the last 18 years, but he keeps coming back, and we swear he cheats on poker night.

    You'll do well at this; you're on this forum more than the rest of us combined, excepting OMJ of course.

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  20. I am pretty sure that Mumbles is a test product of Siri. He's an android responding to every thread with the bare minimum of artificaially intelligent answers to keep us all talking, posting, and sometimes accidentally clicking on ads.

    Well played Mr Scoones.... Well played.

    The really sick part about this is that now he has been promoted to an overseerer with the sole purpose of killing off weaker robots who are blatantly spamming the site. Perhaps because this nefarious activity hits a littttttle too close to home eh boys?!
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