Munn Lake, 25 March

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  1. A friend and I spent the afternoon / early evening at Munn Lake. Just as we were heading in, a group from Kent was heading out. My friend fished a double chironomid set up (red and red or red and black) most of the day and picked up two nice fish, 13" and 14". I trolled around an olive simi seal leach and a glass-bead damsel nymph. I landed six and hooked and lost several more. Mine were in the same size range, pretty acrobatic and determined fish for the cold water temperatures. Half took the damsel and half took the leach.

    Reminder to self (and warning to you), the rain that fell sporadically in the afternoon was snow last week; it's damn cold, bring some gloves.

    There was a solid midge hatch in the middle of the afternoon, size 16 - 18 and the swallows were loving it. There may have been one or two fish looking up, but between the raindrops, wind waves, and swallows, it probably wasn't worth their effort. Still, the fishing was best in the middle of the hatch. Things died down after that. There was a second wave of midges emerging closer to dusk, about size 18 - 20's, but we were on our way out and didn't work it that hard.

  2. nice report and they sound like good, healthy, fun, wild fish :D
  3. Certainly not "wild" in the sense we often use it on this board; in fact, they were the usual hodgepodge of hatchery trout, but on the larger side. But I had one fish take me into my backing with several determined runs and several played that game where the first you see of the fish is a jump 10-15' to the side of where you think your fly is located.

  4. What is the best street to access the lake? It looks like either the Tumwater or Capitol Blvd. exits from the freeway would work.


  5. Hi Jerry,

    It isn't as straightforward as one might think. I live less than ten miles from Munn Lake and I went down three different roads before I found the F&W launch. You can get there either via freeway exit. My suggestion would be to get off I-5 right after the exit for Hwy 101 (probably exit 104). Take a left onto Custer Way SW, go over I-5, straight past the closed brewery on your right, and through Capitol Blvd. Turn right on at the next light, Cleveland Ave. SE which winds along the plateau above the brewery and Deschutes R. Cleveland Ave becomes Yelm Hwy SE. After a mile or so, turn right onto Henderson Blvd. (there is a old Grange building on the right and a YMCA on the left at the intersection). Continue on Henderson Blvd past Pioneer Park, a popular access to the Deschutes. Turn left onto 65th Ave SE off just past some power lines. The launch is on your right and indicated by a Wildlife Access sign.

  6. This little lake really shines, oh, right about the time of the summer solstice, when non-trouty fish -- and some big ones -- begin to get really, really hungry. These fish are not bass, they are not native, but they are wild.
  7. Directions to Munn.
    I only live 1/2 mile away, so I don't know why I'm posting this, but:

    Exit at #101, take Tumwater Blvd east to dead end on Henderson, go left (north) less than a mile, and turn right on 65th. lake on right.
  8. Buddy and I went about 08:00 the other day. nothing till 10:00 then total 9 in the boat between both of us. Nice chunky fish largest 16 inches smallest 12 but decent fighters and like I said thick health fish. I got all my trolling Black Nosed Dace and buddy got his on similar tinsel like minnow pattern. Most of the fish we caught would very lightly tap the line multiple times. I did not pick up on this at first because it was pretty darn windy and thought it was from wind. be both had our poles in pole holders and until we started holding the rod you could feel the light hits. I had to steer the boat and really work at it since we were getting blown all over the place and I had to leave my rod in the holder most of the time. I think that is one of the reasons I caught fewer fish. very shallow lake most of our fish were caught i believe on the northwest end of a lake. a snag hangs out over the water about 10 feet. start in that area first.

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