Munn Lake

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Steve Unwin, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Steve Unwin

    Steve Unwin Active Member

    Any tips? Seems like it's a chironomid lake for the most part and I'll assume that they hold in the deep. Sound about right?

    I'll be heading out there tomorrow morning.
  2. Steve Kokita

    Steve Kokita FISHON206

    Good luck!
  3. james.jimenez

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  4. Steve Unwin

    Steve Unwin Active Member

    Munn was pretty good today, fished from about 6am to 1pm. Landed 3, and another 4 either slipped the hook or broke me off. Those are some big feisty fish in there! Biggest of the day was about 17", but that's not the one in the picture.

    Had 2 on a Green/Black WB, 2 on a Black Carey Special, 2 on Turck's Tarantula, and 1 on a red chironomid. The ones I lost were due to my own inexperience in fighting big fish but were good practice.

    I was never able to get into a rhythm with any one tactic. The action was sporadic and I couldn't really figure out where the fish were holding. Lots still to learn!

    Bad news of the day came when I snapped the tip section of the 3wt rod I just bought on Craigslist, due to my own stupidity while trying to adjust my indicator. On the way back I stopped at Cabela's (it's an old Stowaway 5pc) and they were very helpful. They were able to give me credit for the last sale price which wasn't much, but it was far more than they had to do. I only fished it twice. Anybody have an extra 3wt that they want to trade for Cabela's store credit? :)

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  5. Irafly

    Irafly Active Member

    How much credit?
  6. Steve Unwin

    Steve Unwin Active Member

    I have $58 in store credit but I could add cash. Not looking for anything fancy, just something for backpacking and small stream use. The stowaway 5 was perfect and I got it for a steal.
  7. Skyler Evans

    Skyler Evans Active Member

    Cabelas has some reddington rods on clearence in the fly shop i dont know if they have any 3 wt tho. I just picked up a 4wt for $58
  8. Steve Unwin

    Steve Unwin Active Member

    Hey thanks for the heads up. I ended up buying a 3wt of another member. Sounds like you got a great deal though!