"Must Have" Flies for Cady? Or a Mentor?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mike Etgen, May 2, 2006.

  1. Okay...I only live about forty-five minutes away from Cady but I've never been, and I may end that streak by Friday - maybe. I was there for Otto's christening and have thought about it ever since.

    Yes, I'm not a "laker" and as much as I've read and studied on it, it still seems a little daunting to a rank beginner like me.

    So, sparing me suggestions to do some more research, how's about a few suggestions for a handful of versatile flies that might increase my odds? Or, is there anyone headed there, on Friday, who might care to meet up and coach me a little? (I'd still need some idea what to bring...)

    These plans aren't set in stone, by the way...the call of the cutts may yet turn me away.
  2. You should do a search on this site, lots of info on Cady, which should be heating up nicely by now. I was there a couple weeks ago and got skunked, that's unusual for me, I can usually coax a few, but just couldn't get keyed in. There were numerous callebatis hatches coming off, but also tiny hatches of some red critters that I think the fish were targeting.

    As for what to bring, chronimids are a staple, small nymphs of various and usual design work as well, and as the water warms up there can be some fantastic dryfly action, with very small adams, beetles and ants working well (among other favorites). Streamers/leeches have potential too, but as most folks I know who fish Cady with any regularity know, the fishin' is often inconsistent. But when it's good, it's very good indeed. The fish are in there, and there are some hogs. I like Cady best in May and June before it gets too warm.

    If you don't find a mentor, no worries, just hit the lake, there will be folks there you can ask. And don't forget a donation so Larry will continue to support this gem.

    So, go with high hopes, don't be disappointed if you don't do well the first time (or ever!), enjoy the scenery and tranquility, and don't be afraid to ask questions.
  3. My number one dry fly for cady is a #14 tan elk hair caddis, twitch it every 15 seconds and get ready.

    Lately been shut out though, Cady fish are stubborn and its kinda like Lenice, you go from 30 fish days to 1 fish days.

    Good luck!
  4. I'll probably be over there on fri. but whats best is to just ask someone whats working, I've been there alot over the last 2 weeks and its always hard to say whats going to work on any given day, it changes day to day depending on whats coming off. I would say my most consistant flies have been midge emergers the fish have really been feeding on top alot plus I really enjoy watching the take, but I've also done not so well sticking to them a couple of times. I've had my best days by just being aware of whats going on around me, caught a bunch on a floating boatman pattern one day the very next day I caught a bunch using a halfback. I would bring an assortment of the usual lake flies and just see whats going on, at cady its always a crap shoot. I've fished there alot over the last 15 years and I still get my ass handed to me and the 2 guys in the prams who probably have the most consistant action of anyone, well they do too and they are hardcore chirono. guys but if you watch them you'll see that they change up quick if they notice something else is going on.Oh yeah I drive the little green toyota with the WFF sticker in the back window.
  5. Wow Tony, you are there alot. Everytime I'm there your there along with the two pram guys, I must have the wrong type of job, or need to retire early.

    I was there yesterday, hooked one on the "spiraled bugger" then left to hit my friends lake in the area, I was the brown guy in the green Outcast Pac 800.

    I guess I'm gonna have to tie more lake patterns like you said, I only have about 6 dif patterns. Time to start tying!:confused:

    Take care.
  6. Mike, dont forget to ask Larry DePaul about this, he has a lot of flies to suggest. :thumb:

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