WTT My 7 For Your 5?

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by SARG950, May 24, 2014.

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  1. Seldom used (all in freshwater) Fetha Styx 790-4 (Sage Xi2 blank in Royal Blue) for your comparable quality 9-foot 5 wt. I'm including an Okuma 6-7 reel and floating line. Comes with a Fetha Styx double- rod/reel combo case. This set can be purchased for $300 (couldn't figure out how to change the heading)...

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  2. Figured out how to attach photos...
  3. The aforementioned outfit can be had for $300...
  4. Can I interest ya in a GFL 590-4 RLP Sage III rod, tube & sock
    PM if ya like pics, can add coin to sweet'n the deal
    Rod is good condition this model has a removable fighting butt
  5. I'm interested... send the pics please. How long have you had the rod and has it ever been repaired?
  6. Pictures & has owned it since new no repairs except, has a removable fighting butt that I broke & did my best to re glue the bottom cork portion, soiling on the cork
    written down as sportsman-custom built, one snake guide could use some re epoxying, other than that the condition of rod is good


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  7. Was wondering if you can remember when you purchased the rod. I've never heard of a removable fighting butt on a Sage rod unless your builder came up with the idea. I'm trying to gauge what compensation difference, if any, I would consider. Thanks for your time and I am still very much interested!
  8. I've got the TFO TiCr-X 5wt that I would be willing to trade...
  9. PM sent
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