My basecamp is about complete.

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  1. Had a mishap a few months ago where my old tried and true tent was destroyed by a dog. Had a chance to pickup a Cabelas guide tent super cheap (needed repairs) and started the ball rolling. It was funny how everything fell into place. In a short time frame (about 3 months) everything I had "pondered" getting dropped into my lap for virtually free. As of right now, I think I have about $300 invested in everything for my tent (I'm not including my outdoor cooking stuff lol). But part of that $300 also included repairs that needed to be done to my tent.

    Finally got to use it in a "semi" real world experience. Wasn't out in the great outdoors, but was setup in Ellensburg. Had heavy winds and rain. Tent didn't budge. But tent was designed for snow load, so hope it would hold up. LOL.

    Here's what I have to date.
    6 man Cabelas Guide tent
    2 new edition army cots (500# capacity and very sturdy)
    2 alps foam/inflatable mats
    2 bivy sacks (army issue)
    travelchair brand rollup table
    lil buddy indoor safe heater with small tank
    then some misc odds and ends of course

    Here's my full camp

    My Koffler chuck box, 3X Explorer stove, and tent.


    Close up of the 6 man tent. I know they are meant to be used all snuggled up. But IMHO, I'd say room for 4 comfortably, and I'll only use it for 2 maybe 3 max. Plus you can stand up in it (well if you're under 6'3" lol.


    Just to give an idea how roomy it is inside. The two lines you see are the centerline of the tent. I have my cot off to one side. Still had room by window (also a secondary door) and the edge barely went over centerline. I have one of my chairs in here just because I was using this solo that weekend. And you can't see it, but the table I was talking about is to the right of the chair. That's my big bugout bag in the middle. LOVE that bag. It's an SF issued bag (holds their kit and all over misc). Holds alot, can be carried either with handle or with backpack straps. And can carry all my misc needs for tent (plus my clothes and sundries to boot).

    And yes, I still have my campers and will use them too. Just nice somedays to go to camp and be about 600# lighter in the truck (especially on those crappy launches).
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  2. Looks great and mighty comfy, Jerry!
  3. Jerry, do you think three cots would fit in there? Reason I'm asking is, I will be doing a float this summer and am looking at getting that tent. Will have three guys in it.
  4. Yup, I think so. Will be snug but very doable.
  5. Does anyone know if these are as bomb proof as advertised? I ask because I fish some high sagebrush lakes with high winds that have been known to flip over popups, so I leave that home. Also have seen the wind level a standard dome tent. Anyone used one in similar conditions? Sorry for the semi-hijack.
  6. Carpet Jerry... Where's the rug?? And the bar??
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  7. and...I don't see the pole for the dancers.
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  8. I own the very same tent.Yes they are bomb proof. I have slept on the coast in howling wind and rain for a week hunting with out a problem.The only tent I will take to the Hoh for winter runs.Worth every penny .Especially i if you can find the old school vestibule.Pain in the ass to set up buy ones self though and would recommend the fiber glass poles as I have heard of the metal breaking during one man setup.
  9. Forget the stripper pole,stilletto high heels will put holes in the floor
  10. Yeah, mines missing the vestibule too. And Cabela's won't sell the new integrated one. Have to buy the whole tent. I know a guy who did the repair on my tent who may be able to make me one. We'll see how that goes and I'll get back to you on it.
  11. I figured you'd have your bar in camp. ;) And still looking into the carpet. Haven't decided yet what direction I'm going on floor liners. Trying to keep all this condensed into one big tuff box.
  12. Here is a pic I stole off the interweb of the old school vestibule.I am going to set mine up in the next few days to clean it after fishing in last week ends rain.I can take some better pics if you want.I love the vestibule durring the winter to get dry before getting in the tent.

    edit; Here is a pic of base camp in action.We do things similar but I opted for a drawer system in my truck in lew of the chuck box.It saves room for the German Shepard.I appreciate the Coleman canopy more than I thought I would.I can not imagine taking camp down in the rain with out it.

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  13. Do you have that vestibule in the first picture?
  14. Oh, wait. Saw the edit. So is that your tent with vestibule? Hmmmmmm.
  15. That is a picture I stole off the net.I do not have a pic of my actual tent with the vesty hooked up.It is the same as the one I stole off the net.^ man with the deluxe vestibule.I did some looking and you can not find those any more.I do not even think you can connect it to the newer tents.If you want I can take some close up pics if you want to have one made.
  16. Yeah, if you can that would be great. You can't buy it anymore, you're correct (I used my inside source at Cabela's too to see if they could pull any strings). I would love to have one like is on the first pic you put up. I know I can make one. They new ones are made with the vestibule built in, so you can't expand it. I'm assuming they didn't sell many, so opted not to make them removable anymore. I'd love to find one to zip in. But will definitely have one made.
  17. I am going to set it up Sunday to clean of the rain splatter from last week end.I will set up the vesty and give ya some pics and numbers.They are great tents.I have used that tent at many a party at pacific beach and wake up to being the only tent standing in the morning.There is one on Craigsliist right now for 175. a 6 man.
  18. Sorry did not set up and clean yesterday,finished sun porch though,yay.

    Today I hear a greywolf a calling me.

    I saw your add on craigslist for a vestibule good luck with it, these pics might DSCN1007.JPG help. DSCN1011.JPG

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