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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Theron, May 8, 2014.

  1. I just moved into a house facing the Saratoga Passage about half way between Coupeville and Freeland.We have a private beach about 300 yards from the back of the house. I have had the chance to take a few walks on the beach during a couple of different tides. I have seen some baitfish and a couple of larger fish chasing them and even jumping out of the water in pursuit. I'm not sure if they are SRC or something else since I am new to the area and salt water fishing. I am attaching a picture of a stream feeding the beach. Sorry, can't seem to get the picture right side up. It fills during the high ride and drains with the outgoing tide. I suspect it also drains the woodland during rains. I just got a license yesterday and have not had the chance to try the fishing yet. There are still lots of boxes waiting to be unpacked but I hope to give it a shot later today.
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  2. What fun! Congrats on the new place Theron. You don't need many flies, or expensive leaders, or great casting... just unpack your fishing gear next. Walk the 300 yards and have fun. Learn everything you can about it. Fish it on all tides and times of day and don't call it a "Private Beach"... no one can own something as beautiful as that!
  3. Most likely sea run cutthroat. Good luck fishin.
  4. Clearly what you need is someone willing to do some test fishing on your beach. I'm available and willing to fall on that sword at any point.
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  5. That cobble is just about perfect for SRC habitat - but it can make walking long distances a real pain. Just remember, when you start fishing for them don't wade out too far. In fact, don't wade out at all. Make your first few casts from the beach. Also, get a stripping basket to add distance and save your line from serious wear and tear.
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  6. Can't wade too far. Haven't found my waders yet. I do have the boots, rods, reels etc b
  7. Most likely SRC's, you'll be getting offers for onsite instruction of SRC biology, fly fishing methods, free flies, offers of daughters for marriage, and other enticements for access to your private beach "beat". Enjoy the trout, they are a wonderful fish.
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  8. I second the stripping basket. Most expensive piece of tupperware you'll ever buy but they are more important than a reel for SRC beach fishing. And while you're spending money I really like using a TideLog for a fishing journal. Nice way to keep track of when, what tide, and where you catch fish.

    Good luck!
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  9. Hi Theron! I PM'd you with some intel that I have heard regarding your area. Welcome to Whidbey!

    Also, there are 2 excellent books on SRC fishing that you might find helpful:

    1. Fly Fishing for Sea-Run Cutthroat by Chester Allen (I'm halfway through it right now and am thoroughly enjoying it)

    2. Fly-Fishing Coastal Cutthroat Trout: Flies, Techniques, Conservation by Les Johnson

    Additionally, there is a wealth of information in these forums contributed by a multitude of guru's who post here. I hope that someday I can gain a fraction of what some of these guys know.
  10. Have a blast Theron! SRC's are an incredible fish.
  11. I'm envious.
    It is a five minute walk to my beach. ;)
    Glad to hear you made it safely to your new home.
  12. Welcome to the Island life, Theron. I'm on Camano just about due east of you. that is a nice little crick you have there, it should be a very productive place once you get it all figured out. I'll bet SRC and Bull/Dollys will be in there at times, they are over on my beach, best of luck to you.

  13. Sounds like you're set, Theron. I envy you folks that are near salt water flyfishing.
  14. Well??? What's the verdict? Have you been out yet?

  15. Gonna make it for outgoing tide this afternoon. Smoking ribs with our kids right now. Saw lots of activity on tide change yesterday.
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  16. Hope you got out and got some.
  17. Been out twice now. Could not entice anything to bite but I haven't fished for very long either time. I did lose one of Leland's beach poppers in the rocks on the beach. Lazy and bad casting technique.
  18. Been out twice now. Could not entice anything to bite but I haven't fished for very long either time. I did lose one of Leland's beach poppers in the rocks on the beach. Lazy and bad casting technique.

    Despite looking complicated, Leland's beach poppers are one of the most satisfying and surprisingly easy flies to tie. not to mention effective and fun to fish. Google it, and tie up some more!
  19. Agreed. Using a popper is great for letting you know fish are present.
    If you are getting takes but aren't hooking up on the popper, then take yourself to the dark side.
    Good luck,
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