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  1. Allison

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    Forgive me if this seems like shameless self-promotion. I get asked about gear a lot, so I thought it might be useful for me to share this. I'm the Gear Editor for Washington Trails magazine, the official publication of Washington Trails Association. The magazine comes out 6x/year, plus we have web content here:
    Archived magazine articles, including my gear column, can be found here:

    If you're interested in issues important to hikers, of if you are interested in trail maintenance, explore the site. I do my column gratis for this great organization. They are doing great work on hiker advocacy and providing the Forest Service and other agencies with volunteer trail maintenance crews.

    Allison Woods
    Gear Editor, Washington Trails Magazine
  2. Ed Call

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    Shameless plug or not I'm checking it out right now. Thanks for posting the link.
  3. fodf

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    I volunteered a Saturday some years back at Salmon la Sac. Hard work, great people, and a lotta fun for a great cause. Will have to do it again and earn my skull bucket. Eric
  4. Bill Dodd

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    Great post, Thanks for the info, Keep up the good work.
    Not at all shameless self promo, Not even close.
    And thanks for all you do with the Hi-Lakers.

    Bill Dodd.

  5. scottflycst

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    Nice article in the current issue! Whatcha' working on for the next issue?
    I think many of us backpackers/FF'rs are a bit of gearheads. I got to be careful how much time I spend in stores like REI so my gear closet doesn't become an avalanche waiting to happen. It's not the "owning" that does me good it's the "using" I hanker for.
    So many lakes, so little time.
  6. Allison

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    Bill--you're welcome, but I'm not in the HLs, I'm in the TBs. *grin*

    Scott, I'll be doing tents next and then something on dishes and silverware. Our readers are a wide mix of serious backpackers/newbs/families/armchair hikers, so the content varies a bit in intensity in order to please everyone.
  7. Bill Dodd

    Bill Dodd Bill's in a time out.

    Ok I will bite, What are the TBs?

  8. Salmo_g

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    Self promotion? OK. Shameless? Hardly! Now that we know you're a resident expert, you can expect an avalanche of questions. I'll be sure to check out the links you provided. I still have a bunch of my REI dividend to spend.

    Bill, TB are the Trail Blazers, who along with the Hi Lakers stock trout in most of the alpine lakes.

  9. Allison

    Allison Banned or Parked

    slight clarification:
    Trail Blazers are the club stocking
    Hi-Lakers do surveys
  10. mpirak

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    The volunteer vacations are hard work but lots of fun, and depending on the trip some nice fishing to be had. If you haven't been on one , you need to sign up.

    How about an article on high lake fishing?
  11. Craig Hardt

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  12. Allison

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    If you have a hard copy of that article, you will see a woman FFing on the cover of the mag. That'd be me. :D
  13. Salmo_g

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    Congrats Allison; you're a celebrity! Now I expect to learn a lot about combining hiking and fishing. I'm going to take notes on all the recipes posted and improve the quality of my trail meals.

  14. dryflylarry

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    WTA is a great organization which I need to join. I think this is a great place to let people know about the organization. My Son, Chris, worked for you guys until about last week. He is now heading for the Peace Corp. He loved working there with you folks and he will miss you all. He is hiking the Chelan trail this weekend to enjoy a little Washington before he leaves. Keep up the good work at WTA! :thumb:
  15. bugboy9

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    Thanks for the link Allison. Hiking, Camping, and Fishing altogether is the best combination. Matt