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  1. I havent posted in awhile, I just thought I would share some pics of my new companion Rojo. He Is a Vizsla just turned 7 months old. I have had since he was 10 weeks and he has been Velcro ever since I brought him home. I found a bird dog trainer not far from me in Portland, we have been training on birds since he was 4 months old. So far he has far exceeded my expectations and I am so pleased with his natural abilty. I guess I better learn to hunt upland game now. :beer1::beer1:
  2. beautiful dog :thumb:
  3. Great looking dog ! You'll be happy with this breed as I am.

    Very sensitive breed as you know and suggest take it slow intro to loud sounds then to small caliber gun fire before shooting over him with the shotgun.

    Look forward to 2012 bird pics with him:thumb:
  4. Thanks. Ribka I have been reading some of your post I have lots of intrest in upland bird hunting opportunities. We have been using a blank 22 pistol from 17 weeks old, so far so good. This friday will use my 20ga shotgun from 50yrds away on a live pigeon sprung from trap, I hope it goes well.
  5. Handsome dog! You are going to have a lot of fun this fall!
  6. Great-looking Viz . . . congrats! Lots of good memories in the offing . . . enjoy.
  7. I just went hunting yesterday with a guy and his Viz, what a great experience to hunt over an experienced pointer. The only problem was the guy shoots a 12 ga; shoots it very, very well, though. He backed up the guy with the "girlie gun" without a miss. And my dog trainer is right again, Labs are sprinters, pointers are marathon runners. Wore my Lab out.

    You know, if we had his dog when I was a kid chasing chukars and pheasants in Yakima in the 60's, we would have worn those birds out.
  8. Viszlas are incredibly athletic dogs & I considered one, but didn't think I'd have a ghost of a chance re: keeping him confined behind a 6' fence when he was in the yard. I have to agree that hunting over good pointers is a treat. My partner's Griffon, now in her 2nd year is like "bird radar;" my pup will get there (took Hank out yesterday & he pointed several Quail.). And I will always have a preference for "girlie guns" as my Upland tool of choice, Karl . . . a joy to carry & swing and the shotshells don't weigh you down. I had a ball last season with both a 28 & a 20.
  9. My problem, Jim, is I love to shoot the sxs and I don't shoot it all that well (bad mount, usually). I guess I would rather look classic and stylish (pretty) rather than hit birds.
  10. And you probably look quite the gentleman gunner in tweed. I also love SxS shotguns, but I seem to shoot stack-barrels better ("better" being a relative term in my case . . . ). Nothing like donning my old Filson double-tin chaps & vest, then venturing into the covers carrying a SxS shotgun . . . I need to take Hank out on one more preserve hunt before the ticks come out, I reckon; he hasn't quite mastered "The Look" yet when I miss . . .
  11. Our dog Belle not much of a hunter but she does like the boat and the river and especially the couch

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  12. Hey Rick: That a chessie??
  13. Handsome. It is about time I find a four legged fishing companion again.
  14. Nice lookin' Vizla. Who's helping you train him?

    I have a 3-year old Lewellin Setter. He is bird-crazy. But I still haven't figured out to post photos of him here yet. I take mine out to the Sandy River / Troutdale offleash area off of I-84 once a week to give him a good long run.

    Vancouver Lake has some huge offleash areas, too. Miles of it.
  15. I was out at the sandy dog park at thanksgiving and i saw a couple of coyotes hunting varmints.They didnt even care my dog and I were there.
  16. Naw she's a lab her mother was a chocolate and father yellow, I've managed to hand train her when she retrieves in the river but for the most part she's a pup.

    My wife has property in three oaks, we were out during thanksgiving and I bagged a couple whitetail, we are headed back sometime this year. When is a good time to bring the two hander and tips for the St Joe?

  17. All of the above places are great, I like Vancouver lake, its good for gun conditioning with the pop gun. Double gun Kennals in Eagle creek, Chris is helping me out with training.
  18. "I like Vancouver lake, its good for gun conditioning with the pop gun. Double gun Kennals in Eagle creek, Chris is helping me out with training."

    Agree. Whenever I'm training my dog, I take him out to one of the wide open spaces out there. Lots of room to work with the dog without distractions to him (or me) from other dogs or people.
  19. Great looking hound, Zag! Hey Karl, the next time that guy gives you a bad time about the girlie gun, ask him if small bores are such pansy guns, would he mind getting shot in the ass by my .410? Betcha he declines the offer:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  20. Alex, the guy was a big, very big South african gentleman and that .410 would have had the same effect if you shot a rhino in the ass! Best not to piss off the dangerous game, me thinks!

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