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    Congrats! You and your hound are both lucky. Thirty five years ago I raised a lab and a viz in a 3rd floor apartment. I still miss those dogs.
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    I hunted with a guy once who bragged on his two Vizla, how well-trained they were, so we went out to Camanche Hills Pheasant club near Ione, CA, where I was a member. I took my Golden along too, `cause she never missed a hunt. Soooo... Aspen's in her crate, and his pups jump a bird waaaaay out there. The last I saw of his two Vizla, they were running under the bird, hauling ass for Stockton! He told me they were "high energy" dogs, but he kept them in a kennel all day. The moral is, work your pups every day, if it's only for a few minutes! Mine get about a half-hour every day, even in the snow, and I'll work `em on steadying, hand work, and general retriever training until they begin to get tired. Works pretty well, too! Right now, Miss Foofus is sacked out on the couch, and the Maodog is crashed on the dining room rug; life's tough if you're a dog at my place!
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    My two girls, Ailan (the Foofus) on the right, and Fiona, (the Maodog) on the left