My first (3) Steelhead!

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Highfly, Mar 28, 2006.

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    I seriously contemplated rolling over and going back to sleep, rather than having to face what would be my fifth day of standing jewel-deep in freezing water casting a heavy sink tip with a chunk of sharp lead at the end for fish that never seemed to be there. Bleary-eyed, I checked the flows and the weather forecast- seemed promising. I dripped some coffee, and fired up my truck for the drive to the Sk-g-t river (I don't want to give away anyone's secret 15,000 CFS river):rolleyes: . I got there, tied on a mutant purple bunny articulated thing- I've fished some crazy patterns in my day, but these fruity steelhead bugs take the cake- and waded into position. I laid out my second cast, an aborted double-haul, and was fast into a big piece of chrome. Wow. I got 'er in, released, and proceeded to catch 2 more in the next 30 or so casts. At this point, I was seriously thinking that I was involved in a fatal car accident on the way down, and I had somehow slipped undetected past the pearly gates. I was interrupted from my reverie when I slipped and took a waderful of ice water.
    Anyway, I'm still buzzing off the experience- my first (3) steelhead on a rod that I built, using flies that I tied. Does it get any better that this?
    :beer2: , Otto
  2. Dylan D Member

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    Way to go!!!
  3. Wayne Jordan Active Member

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    Awesome! Congrats!
  4. Riane Mouse doctor

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    Wow, a 3 fish day for your first Steelhead! Congratulations, and thanks for the report!
  5. ibn Moderator

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    Bitchin dude, bright fish to!
  6. Porter Active Member

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    Good Job...those are some grainy photos....three..WoW :)
  7. Lostinwater New Member

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    That the fuckin coolest thing ive heard in a while!...That just made my day, on the skagit too!! That's awesome!
  8. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    Rather than be jealous, I will take this as encouragement.
    I know this guy in Bellingham who's yet to hit a winter fish. This is the year. That's what HE says anyway.
    Way to go!
    Go Sox,
  9. spanishfly Steelberg

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    Man congrats! That is amazing!
  10. Keith Hixson Active Member

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    Thank you for a great report.

  11. Jeff Hale B.I.G.F.F.

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  12. Jason Decker Active Member

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    nice - the waderdunkin shoulda woke you up!
  13. Ringlee Doesn't care how you fish Moderator

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    Nice fish! I had a waderful of water trying to exit my boat and miss my oar and 2 handed rod. The oar jumped out and bit me and down I went. My heater wasnt working either so I sat in the boat my my friend fished the prime water. Got to love that 39 degree water on the Sk-agit.
  14. Rob Zelk I swing, therefore i am.

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    Hell yeah, thats more than most catch in a whole season!
  15. Bruce Davidson formerly hatman

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    Outstanding Otto! I fished almost 2 years before I got my first one, and even longer before I reached 3. And that icy water just cements the day in memory; you'll have it forever. Way to go!
  16. junebug41 Junior Dave Monti fan

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    Wow, sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime type fishing experience. Congratulations!

  17. o mykiss Active Member

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    Probably not. Nice work. :thumb:
  18. Nooksack Mac Active Member

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    It is with inexpressible sadness that I must report the death of my friend Otto (Highfly), whose car skidded off Hwy. 20 yesterday morning, on his way to fish the Sk-g-t River, and ended upside down in the pool under its well-known tributary stream, at Owl Creek Bridge.

    According to reports, he was smiling.:eek:
  19. papafsh Piscatorial predilection

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    See you all on the Sk-g-t! :thumb:


    Guess the winter fish are in? :beer2:

  20. Mingo the Menehune stole my beer

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    Amazing. :thumb: :thumb: You'll make Porter seethe with jealousy :rofl: me too!