My First Real Fly Fishing Experience

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  1. The Big Honker small.jpg On the 24th three friends and I went with guides for a trip on the Yakima. We launched just upstream on the Cle Elum just upstream from the Yakima. Before we reached the Yakima I had taken my first trout on a fly. Later in the day I landed what the guide described as the largest Cutthroat that he had seen in years.

    first trout small.jpg

    The images inserted in the wrong order.

    We were using nymphs in the morning and dry flies in the afternoon.
  2. Good first trip on the Yakima! That is on my to do list for this summer. I bet you're really addicted now.
  3. Not another Jim. What are we going to do with so many Jim's here. How are we going to tell them apart.:D
  4. You're doomed :)
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  5. Another gear whore is born. Welcome aboard Jim, and just in time for hopper season!

  6. Yup. We're totally screwed. One of the reasons I go by James at work.
  7. oh hell, Scotty's a terrible guide....ter a bull
  8. Jim - Great on ya!

    Welcome to the addiction. It is good for you.

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