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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Baseball_Junkie, May 10, 2011.

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    Well I have finally decided to do one myself. Would Like something kinda fast. 9' 6" 4 pc 5/6 wt. Thinking something that lends itself to a finer small/dry fly presentation. Can't spend a ton of money. Maybe 2 bills out the door, components and all. Any help or nudges in the right direction greatly appreciated.

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    Give the guys at Utmost Enterprises a call.They are Batson and Pac-bay dealers and within 2 miles of both manufactuers.They know what you need to do the job.There # is 360-681-8748
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    For two bills you should be able to get into a great rod. Check out mudhole, they have an MHX line of rods that are supposed to be great. I am building four customs on those blanks here in the near future. I have been very pleased with the quality I got from Batson rods as well. The blank options are endless, so just pick a company to go with it really doesn't matter that much unless you get into really high end rod blanks.

    Good Luck

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    For a first build you might be pleased with Batson's Forcast blanks. They aren't expnsive and will give you a decent rod. I just finished up a 5wt.
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    Thx guys. Thinking towards a Batson 8wt switch...STOKED!! Now if I could just find a way to make Tge next 27 days pass quicker so I can come home from AK and start!!