My first Spey rod!

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  1. I just bought an echo solo 12'9" 7 wt and was wondering is anyone else fishes that same rod? I'm looking to find a decent reel for it but not sure where to start. It's my first Spey rod and finding a reel and line that I will like is a little scary with all the options out there.

    Also can anyone recommend a casting instructor? I think I would like to take a couple classes before i embarrass myself on the river.
  2. Look at the Echo Ion 8/10. For a $100 you cant go wrong.
  3. reel- Ross CLA 4
    Line- Airflow ridge running line > skagit head of appropriate grain weight for your rod. Maybe 450? > Tips:FloaterT10, 12, 14, AND 18 in 10', 12' and 15'
  4. Lamson Konic are on sale as low as $100. Spare spools @ $50. Poppy had some last summer. Can't get a better reel for the price. As far as lines, Call Bob Meiser and ask about his SGS Scandit system. Can't beat the price and most importantly, it's dialed in for your specific rod.
  5. I use a size 5 reel on my 7 wt. rod. That's about 4 1/4 " in diameter. There are a ton of quality reels out there but I'm a little partial to Ross reels because they are workhorses and have a great warranty. You should be able to pick up a used on on e-bay or the various forums for a reasonable price or if your budget will take it, a CLA 4 or 5 is about $280 or so. They are stout with a good drag and will serve you well.
  6. I second that, great reel for the price.
  7. Thirds!? No, seriously, if you are in the Seattle area, go check this out. Aaron got me started in just a few short hours of giving me the basics, then checking back in between everyone else to make sure I was on the right track. He is an amazing resource to have at our fingertips here in the Seattle area.
  8. I have a Echo Solo 12' 9" 7wt.

    One of the main things to be aware of when buying a reel for a spey/switch rod, is the weight of the reel. A lot of good reels are just too light to balance a spey/switch outfit.

    A reel in the 9 oz. range will balance out the Echo Solo 12' 9" 7wt about right.

    I'm using a Ross Big Game Canyon #6 9.0 oz. on mine, discontinued, it can be found used.

    If you want to spend a little more, a Ross CLA #6 9.1 oz. or good quality at a lower price, a Echo Ion 10/12wt 9.8 oz.

    An excellent first line for the Echo Solo 12' 9" 7wt to learn spey casting, would be the Royal Wulff Ambush full line integrated 12wt 500 grains, which has more of a scandit head profile. Which is in between a skagit and a scandi head.

  9. Thanky guys! I really appreciate the advice. It sounds like a I have some really good starting points as a beginner Spey fisherman.
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  10. agree and you cant beat the CLA
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  11. i just ordered the Allen Alpha ii size 10/11 for the 7wt spey rod i am about to build.

    Another reel to consider...
  12. Take the rod and go see Aaron.
  13. If you are not looking to shoot line skagit or scandi. Then the Airflo Delta 7/8 would be a good alternative. Its a great casting short belly line that would complement that Solo..

  14. Thank you! I got set up and I have been trying to teach myself with youtube videos. After struggling I know that I need some instruction and can not really convice the wife that paying for lessons is a good thing. This thread is really valuable just based on this information. Avidangler has free spey clinics as well but only once a month, and that always seems to land on a Saturday that I have work to complete.
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