My first SRC

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Allan H, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. Woo Hoo! :beer2:

    I caught my first SRC last night!

    I went out to Picnic Point to get in a couple hours on the incoming tide before sunset (park closes at dusk). Pulled in around 06:30 PM and was a little discouraged at first because there were a lot of people on the beach and nice layer of green muck floating on the water.

    Since I was already there and the breeze felt soooo nice, I pushed on anyway. I went out past the muck and started fishing on the North side of the park near the rock break-wall. After a couple hours and several fly patterns later, I was thinking all was lost, the sun was setting and the park would soon be closed. Giving myself 15 more minutes, I switched to a brown fly that closely resembles a Muddlers Minnow (don't know the actual name) and started slowing the pace of my strip.

    Then it happened, "strip..strip..strip..YANK! :eek: " I was so suprised that I almost dropped my rod, fortunately I remembered to keep good line tension and slowly brought the fish to hand. It was a real nice little 6" trout, I was so happy that I almost gave the little guy a kiss! Thank god I didn't, there was quite a congreagation on the beach behind me by this time.

    Thanks to everyone on the forum for posting your tips on saltwater flyfishing I would never have been able to get this far without your help :thumb: .

  2. You think that's good, just wait until you catch 6 rather than a 6 incher, or when you catch one that goes 16! They're there, keep doing what you were doing and you'll do it. Congrats on the first fish.
  3. Or, the first time a silver grabs your fly when you're used to those little 6-10" SRC...

  4. ............or the first time you hook a blackmouth or chum when you're expecting a SRC! All these things are coming your way man....keep tossing those bugs into the surf and picking seaweed off your's worth it!

    it is a lot easier when you use a stripping basket...... :)
  5. Allen,

    Well done. :thumb: I to am new to the world of the "salt". I been out four times and have been successful twice. I am definitely hooked.

  6. Way to go :thumb:


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