My first SRC.

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  1. SO I found a beach that doesnt get fished. Big cutts everywhere. I was fishing a blue and white bait fish pattern. He was only about 12'' but its my first saltwater catch on my fly rod. Yippe for me babby. Those things are like missles coming up out the water, very exciting.:thumb:

    :beathead:I found it difficult to cast the heavy fly but i got the hang of it. :ray1:Any suggestions for retrieval? Maybe everyone could tell me how they strip it? :ray1:
  2. Quick steady, slow steady, twitchy, change rod tip location for changes in direction, strip strip pause strip strip pause. Any and all can work.

    And most of all, congratulations.
  3. Nice work on the first fish. Lately I have been using a fast to really fast retrieve. They have really slammed it HARD. All of what Mumbles has mentioned work, it all depends whats on the end of the line. Im no master at this game. I stay away from clousers most of the time. I hate casting them, and really hate them hitting my rod tip. My go to right now is something that is sub surface. Shock n awe??? or even a little Chum baby??? You get the point. Now welcome to the addiction of Sea runs. Only 4 more working days then I can hit the salt.:thumb:
  4. now try a floating baitfish pattern
  5. I would but I couldnt find them at my local fly shop (Cabellas, and sportsman wharehouse). I should really learn to tie my own. :eek:
  6. cabelas and Sportsmans are not fly shops....

    What you can try is an unweighted baitfish pattern (like a deciever) with a Rainy's dink foam head slipped onto your leader. its essentially the same thing as a popper/slider but two parts instead of one.
    Next time you head up north visit Anil and Clark at Puget Sound Fly Co and they can get you set up to have some fun with floating patterns.
  7. Sad to say they are now the closest thing I have to a fly shop.bawling: I would also have to say they are extremely lacking in the fly department. Even though at SMW the price is sure right. Thanks next time im up north I will have to swing in there.
  8. Fishy Business
    2415 Harrison Ave
    Olympia, WA 98502

    This from a listing search on the WWW as posted on the WFFF. Listed as a guide service, I'm sure someone there can tell you where to get the goods locally (maybe they will tell you to go to Cabelas.)
  9. I'll tie you some, shoot me a PM, I've never seen good ones in a fly shop.

    they essentially slay dollys and cutts in the spring, 3 or 4 to 1 top v. subsurface, especially where streams flow it, dead drift with twitches in the current...


  10. There is a fly shop in Tumwater.

    Streamside Anglers Fly Fishing Outfitters
    4800 Capital Bvd SE
    Tumwater, WA 98501
    Rods: Orvis, Cortland, Sage
    Reels: Bauer, Orvis, Sage, Cortland, Ross
    Waders: Simms, Orvis
    Guide Service
  11. To update the fly shop situation in the Olympia area, Streamside closed several years ago and Fishy Business about a year or so ago. The only dedicated shop in the area that I know of is

    The Fly Fisher
    5622 Pacific Avenue SE
    LACEY, WA 98503-1271

    Of course, a number of the shops in western Washington are happy to ship whatever you need. For saltwater flyfishing, I recommend both

    Puget Sound Fly Co.
    25616 Pacific Hwy. S.
    KENT, WA 98032


    Orvis Bellevue
    10223 NE 10th
    (425) 452-9138

  12. Thanks for the update Cabezon.
  13. Congrats on your first SRC.
    I feel like I'm really missing out on some great fishing, but I can't seem to get my mind around heading to the wet side. Too many crazy people driving around.
    Congrats also on finding a beach to yourself.
    I've been tieing a clouser without the dumbbell eyes for fishing in the Bahamas.
    I have been using wire to weight the fly and tieing the fur/feathers so the hook rides upright.
    Send me a PM and I'll tie ya up some, maybe we can do a trade os some kind.
  14. Gary, I'd like to see those. I've been considering a clouser type fly without the barbell eyes too. Streamlined with the lead wrapped might make casting better? Anyone know?
  15. Thanks guys. I didn't know about the Shop on pacific. Thanks for the info.

    To Gary and Poweder monkey, I will take you guys up on that. And with much appreciation:thumb:

    Thanks, Fish Karma for all!
  16. I'll take a couple of pics and post them.
  17. Reefme

    Cabezon has put you on the right track for local fly shops. Bjorn at the Fly Fisher in Lacey can tie virtually anything you want, but doesn't really specialize in SRC stuff, so he doesn't usually have a lot in stock. He is a true artist, and can make anything you can dream of.

    I worked at Fishy Business until they went under to make room for Cabelas and Sportsmans' (sardonic aside). I still provide patterns for a few local guys, so pm me if you wish, but be warned, I'll nudge you forcefully toward using tube flies for SRC's for a number of reasons, principally the good of the fish.
  18. Here's some pics a couple of my clousers.
    I'm always open to make improvments.
  19. Freedon
    I'm very interested in the tube flies.
    I learn better by looking at pictures as well as the written word.
    Thanks Gary
  20. I've just been tying a bunch, so will kodak them this evening, and figure out how to post the jpegs. I just took some shots, clicked on "Insert Image" on the tube bar, and entered Tubes 001 etc. I've never put a picture on this site, so at this point, I'm whistling in the wind. let's see if it works.
    Most of the patterns are on plastic tubes, some of the big ones are on heavy brass for instant sink, and the popper work best on aluminum, since the extra mass makes them a little easier to cast. I must get an good extra meter or so.

    One of the reasons I first started using them was because of all the short strikes. I was getting into rezzies and having like 20 missed fish in an outing. They were flossing their teeth chewing on the bucktail, since they take from the tail . A friend turned me onto using stingers, and suddenly I was catching fish.

    Then Roger showed me his tube flies, which I found quicker to tie, easier to change the hook, if you break fish off, all they have stuck in them is the hook, no barbells, shank, etc. Plus the flies last forever, since they ride up the line, and you just slide the fly out of the way, and there is your hook exposed for your release tool or hemostat. If they're hooked deep, you cut off the hook, and you still have your fly, and this has a better chance of survival.[​IMG][/IMG][/IMG]

    Roger Stephens has posted a lot of really good info on tubes here over the years

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