My first Steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by wboles3, Sep 4, 2006.

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    Congratulations! . . . and welcome to the club. It's a serendipitous sport, this thing called steelheading. I've been at it over 30 years, caught more fish than I could count, and spent the whole 3 day weekend casting my arm off, with only one decent src to show for it, not a single steelhead strike that I was fishing for. You just never know. Now get back out there for the next one!


    Salmo g.
  2. Zen Piscator

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    Right on bro! Tightlining is fun and effective plus you can swing with the same setup. I think I will be adding to the article in short order to expand on some topics.

    I drew a blank this weekend as well... need me some more metal.

  3. Dick Warnke

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    Congrats Bill, I've yet to ding a steelhead on the fly. But have to admit I have'nt put in the time either. As soon as I saw your "kitchen" pics I knew someone would feel inclined to comment. Some people just can't let a guy have his day. Hope you enjoyed the meal. :thumb:
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    Nice fish! Congrats!
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    Nice Fish!! I Remember My First. Ever Since, I Have Not Been Able To Bring Another To Hand. But Hey, The Only Other One I Have Had On Broke Me Off After A Minutes Fight While Using 3 Pound Tippet. Damn!!big Fish Goin' After The Small Fly!!

  6. John Hicks

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    Congrats dude, nice fish.
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    Nice fish!!! I hope I am the next . . .