My First Steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by mcoomer, Mar 15, 2004.

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    Well, I got my first steelhead experience on a fly yesterday, but don't get too happy for me. That rat bastard broke me off quicker than you can say "What the hell was that!". All I saw was an explosion in the water, a big flash of silver where the fish broke the water, and then it was gone. When I got my breath back, I reeled in and found that my leader had broken just below the knot where a guy in a shop had tie it. I was just devastated at seeing that because as hard a jolt as he put in my rod I figure I had it hooked solidly.

    So, here are the details. A friend and I went up and did a float on the Toutle (South Fork) from the bridge (not the 4100 bridge) to the concrete slabs and I can tell you that there are good fish in the river right now. As soon as we got out of the Jeep we walked over and looked into the pool just under the bridge and saw three holding there. The float from the bridge to the slabs is just at 4 miles and there are some killer runs to fish. The water is very low and gin clear right now so be patient. If you do float it be prepared to carry around several places where it is too shallow to pass a pontoon. Also, don't forget to crimp your hook. My friend got a ticket for not having his crimped enough ($80). The warden said that if you can catch your finger on the barb it isn't pinched so he gave him the citation. All in all it was a good trip though.


    It's better to burn out than to fade away....or break your leader on you first steelhead!
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    why should we not be happy for you, the first hookup is as big as the first fish landed. so, good job! my first fly steelhead was like that. northfork still in summer, was just fishin around, really hard jerk on the line, and a broken tippit. retyed and hooked up next cast, and landed the fish... both nymphs in the corner of its mouth. ill never forget that. when i get home ill scan a picture for ya, it was odd

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    Hey Mike--
    Don't feel so did get a fish to bite and that's something you won't forget. I lost two fish in the very same manner last week, except that the gear held but the hook didn't. They were gone as soon as they errupted, before I could do a damn thing. Seems like when they do that volcano trick they often get off. The two fish that I did bring to hand grabbed the fly and took off downstream and then stopped. This gave me a chance to get them on the reel and then just tough them out.
    But that explosion thing! God I hate that. Bunch of fun though. It's something only steelhead seem to do and that's just one of the many reasons why I love them so.
    Bob, the Yea! I'm a steelhead lover. So what?:beer2
  4. Matt Burke Active Member

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    Good deal Mike. I don't know why the ones you lose always have to show themselves. It doesn't help your obsession with these beasts. I'm happy for you. Something is always better than nothing.

    Matt Burke
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    Dammm Mike! I'm envious! The best I can claim on a fly is a good take where I was too slow-on-the-draw. And that was over a year ago!(Feb '03) That was enough to suck me in even deeper. "Next time!" I keep telling myself..."Just one more cast..."

    Jimbo, the wondering-if-his-shoulder-will-last-long-enough
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    I know the feeling, I had the same thing happen to me a few months ago in December. My first confirmed hook up. I quickly lost it after it charged upstream at me and jumped, creating enough slack to come unhooked. I should have been striping line in by hand to keep up but it all happened so fast. It was damn exciting though and I can't wait for it to happen again.