My first steelhead!

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by troutpounder, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Looks like a finned rocket! Congrats ....still trying for my first on the swing....and as many as possible after that!
  2. anytime you see a wild Steelhead on the Stilly give thanks. after all that river has been through.
    poor river has taken more sediment load than the Toutle . At least according to the figures i last read.
    way to go.
  3. Another poor soul committed to a life of lonely, wet and cold days on a river... congratulations!
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  4. Awesome, congrats.
  5. wow! beautiful fish! I'm still trying for my first one on the swing. way to go!
  6. Nice job! What a gorgeous native steelie. That is a prized little gem you were graced by for sure.
    Just try to pick up a 3wt weight now and go hike/fish for some small trout on a small stream....nada, don't think that will happen for a while. ;)
  7. Wow, that's just plain awesome! Nicely done.
  8. thats great !
  9. Nice pic Troutpounder! Pay no attention to the d-bags on here. Most of them have never caught a Steelhead.
  10. Congrats and well done.
  11. Congratulations.

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