My latest reel project

Discussion in 'Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels' started by KB2, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Great work. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Just amazing.
    So, about how many hours do you think you have in that?
  3. Don't even want to guess. It is kind of like asking "How many hours do you have invested in the last steelhead you caught?" It would take the fun out of it.
  4. I see your point.
  5. Nice looking project.
  6. A fantastic project, very nice results :) Inspirational to those of us that are planning on making our own reels. I have my CNC lathe set up and working nicely, still need the mill or a 3rd axis mounted on my cross-slide so I can do some limited milling on my lathe...


    Will R. Everett, WA.
  7. Finished another one.



  8. Very nice work again! I like the "knurl" (?) on the outside edges and around the center of the backing plate and button plate. You are doing some fine work. How about some details, it's hard to estimate from the picture but it looks to be about 3" across the back.

  9. Thanks Mike. This reel has a 3.5" frame with a 3" spool. the spool has an 1.25" diameter hub and is 1" wide. I built a 6 weight Graphite rod from a Seivers Tiger Eye Blank for a guy last fall as a present to his wife. It has brass guides and reel seat hardware with bronze colored wraps. I built this reel for that rod. Should look quite nice together. If I get a chance I will take a picture of the reel on the rod.
  10. Nice! I think the Tiger Eye Rods are nice, I built a 6' 2wt a number of years ago that was a real dart tosser. Love that root beer color of the blanks.

  11. Finished a nice project today. A guy brought me a nice older Scott rod that had the reel seat buggered up from trying to fit reels that did not have a good fit between the seat and the reel feet that he had been using. i rebuilt the reel seat and built him a new reel (with a foot that fits properly). He uses the Rod for Cutties in North Idaho, so I put a click/pawl check and opened up the bottom of the frame for palming the spool.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Awesome, love the look of these reels.
  13. Excelente, tu trabajo mis felicitaciones....
    Saluda cordialmente HBages
  14. Wow those are amazing! I wish I has the patience to learn and create something that fantastic....
  15. KB2
    The color of your dark red reel is similar to a South Bend 1185 that I have. As you can see in the photos its a perfect style reel.

    SB innards.jpg SB Outside.jpg SB rodreel.jpg


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