My Monitor Blew Up

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by BOBLAWLESS, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. I was surfing along through some fly websites when I saw this beautiful fly actually get up and move! It was a very dusky, drab fly (a #4 I think) and seemed to be carrying a large orange egg in its mouth. This irritated me to no end. Now, as to presentation, it appeared quietly on the upper right side of my screen. It slowly descended and seemed to bounce up and down along the bottom. When it got to the right side, it began to slowly, but with halting jerks, rise up to the upper right had side of the monitor.
    Now I was just furious for some strange reason and then out of nowhere comes this implosion with glass flying everywhere and an acrid smell of burned wires gushed into my face.
    My wife ran into the my war room and gasped at the sight. My right fist was covered in blood and I looked dazed so she got me a cup of James Beam. She also suggested that I was fishing too much and maybe golf would be far less dangerous.
    Silly woman. :CONFUSED
    You are crackin me up! Every man needs a war room! I didn't know wifes were allowed in war rooms. Oh I take that back. Only on special occasions. Oh yeah, glad you didn't drown up in Canada. I got one of those rip cord self inflator vests at orvis too. spendy but hey what's a life worth.
  3. Hm...take up golf? I have got hit twice with a golf club, and one left a nice scar right above my eye, so far my experience is that golf is much more dangerous than flyfishin. :LOVEIT

  4. I still have a scar above my lip from a 9 iron from 15 or so years ago myself. So far the fishing damage to my body has all been minor. A scrapped leg from falling in a river and a twisted ankle that I still ended up hiking 10 miles on over the next 2 days. So I agree flyfishing is more safe. So far the hooks have only gotten clothing or just the top layer of skin.

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