My New Chuckbox made by Koffler Boats

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  1. As you may have seen I put my Camp Kitchen up for sale. Some of you may have known, but I've been working the show circuit (International Sportsman Show) with Cee Dub. One of the demonstrators had a really cool chuckbox I fell in love with. Only thing I didn't like about his was that it was pretty damned big. But figured what the hell, I wanted something permanent. I worked the next show with them, and saw the Koffler guys at the show and saw a smaller box they used for thier "show office". Didn't have a chance to talk to them, but emailed them when I got home and found it was thier smaller kitchen. But cost was an issue of course and I opted to get the Cabelas Camp Kitchen (which I just sold on the board).

    Fast forward a year, and the stars aligned and this box fell into my lap, almost literally. I was made a deal on it I couldn't pass up. But what's nice about this box is I can use it for small camps, or add the second box to it and it's ready for bigger camps.

    This is the main box by itself

    Inside of main box where the legs, paper towel holder, and lantern hanger are held

    The main box setup by itself

    Second piece hooked up to main box. Second piece uses the box to seal up contents. Used for dry goods mostly you can leave out where the lower end will close up by simply latching the door while in camp.

    Both pieces assembled

    Side view

    It'll be unvieled and loaded at the Hoh Down. Of course it'll be heavy loaded up. But dry weight on this thing is only about 35#'s (all aluminum). Plus can unlock the pieces and carry one in at a time. :)
  2. Very nice Jerry!!!! You certainly deserve it!
  3. wow that is super legit.

    would be awesome on some sort of raft expedition, like the MF salmon.
  4. Well, it's not waterproof. Only downside to the rafting thing. But would work if everything was sealed up. :)
  5. That's an awesome box Jerry! It will really compliment your Camp Chef gear well. Congrats on a great score!

    And for river trips, you could make a big rectangular dry bag to put it in with heat sealable nylon; it would pretty easy to make and all your stuff inside would stay nice and dry. Food for thought, so to speak...
  6. LOL Sue, I've thought about that. But think my rivertrips of that magnitude are done. :)
  7. no cup holders ??


    sweet rig brother
  8. Why of course I do. I found the Huston Solution and he's gonna be my cup holder while I'm cooking. :)
  9. HOT diggity...can't wait for the next camp meal!
  10. Wait a tic. What am I thinking? Corporal Huston may come out and drink all my whiskey. Hmmmm, may have to rethink that. :)
  11. Should be pretty soon. You going to be at Red's event? I might be cooking there. Not sure yet.
  12. Sweet, Jerry. I may have to come to the Hoh Down.

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