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Discussion in 'Patterns' started by David Dalan, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Working on some new big uglies. Working title is the "Arsenal" series. Starting off with the HellFireMissle. It's a string leech. Rear is mixed Flame and Pink rabbit (MOAL-spun), few strands of UV crystal flash tied in next. Then a mix of FL Peach and Yellow Marabou. Collar is orange dyed Guinea then peacock blue body hackle. Head is a Orange plastic bead.

  2. good looking fly
  3. Is the bunny on via dubbing loop, or did you leave the hide on?
  4. Looks like dubbing loop to me.
  5. The bunny is dubbed using a loop (no leather).

    Not that you asked, but...:)

    I found a way to dub the hairs long that works for me and keeps it from being a pain. I tried putting sections of strip in the loop and then cutting away the leather, and that worked OK, but was hard on my consistency.

    Later on (and now) I pinch a clump of bunny fur, cut it from the leather and lay it into the loop. I then gently spread the fur out with my thumb and index finger of one hand while holding the loop with the "loop hook tool thingy" in the other hand.

    By releasing pressure on the loop I get a big enough opening to slip the fur in. I can repeat this several times (thus mixing or alternating colors) with one loop. Once it's all in I spin the crap out of it making a brush that I wrap.
  6. David, I will take one doz of those, one doz of your Highlander series and we can both go out and try them on the Stilly or Skagit!!!
  7. You better watch out Obi...I'm likely to take you up on the offer :beer2:

    I'm thinking I need some Winter metalhead action this year.

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