my spring break

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  1. Two weeks of fishing and exploring, intermingled with frenzied tying blitzes. Some new places were a complete bust. Others made the effort worthwhile. One lake I packed a floattube3.5 miles in, the last half of the hike nearly vertical. That lake was on fire, and I'm pretty sure I was the first one in there since ice out. I only lasted about an hour in the tube until a mild case of hypothermia forced me to fish from shore.
    Two full days were devoted to exploring new places on Rufus woods. One new promising spot yielded a fat eight pound triploid. The other day I hiked the Washington Flats side of the river, which I have never done for some reason. The water really moves on this side, but forms alot of sweet eddies and current seams. I carried two rods, one rigged with a double nymph setup, the other with a sculpin pattern and 300 grain sinktip. Both caught fish, the best being a healthy, acrobatic native redband of around eighteen inches the fell for one of the nymphs.
    Omak lake was real hit or miss. Some days the fish cooperated, others I couldn't unlock her secrets. I expect it will be good within a month.
    Two days I stalked the Ford, with mixed results. The first day I couldn't do wrong. I hooked nine just standing in one spot. I finished with a dozen in just over two hours, four on streamers, the others all scudding. Next time I did everything the same, but only landed five in four hours. The best thing about that day was bs'ing two guys from Portland who come up every spring to flyfish Banks lake for trophy rainbows. I listened closely, learning a bunch about a fishery right under my nose. Banks as a flyfishing destination for trout, who'd a thunk it? I hit Lenore up on the way home that day and was disappointed. What happened to that lake? I haven't fished it in a decade, but has I don't remember the water quality being so poor. IMG_20130319_131641.jpg IMG_20130319_144630.jpg IMG_20130329_134144.jpg IMG_20130329_151318.jpg
  2. Great photos. What kind of knot is that on the yellow fly in you hand? It looks like the right knot( more room for action of the fly etc), since i dont use it, i want to try it. thanks.
  3. Beautiful Lahontans.
  4. Those cutts are fantastic. Nice work.
  5. Some great pics! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Hey Trip, those are some great looking fish! I love getting out and exploring new water.
  7. Good way to spend Spring break!
  8. Sweet!!!!!:)
  9. I'm envious, nice freaking fish there. What a blast to plan a successful adventure of the unknown.
  10. Me to, I wanna go too!

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