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  1. All right,

    My buddy handed me this fly recently. It is store bought, but he can't remember what fly shop or where. You can see in the pix that it is a bit worse for wear. I nymphed it very successfully. It was the upper fly of a two fly rig. this is my last one and I want to tie more. I might be able to figure it out, but I'm hoping someone can identify it and pass on the perfect recipe. It is tiny, the one in the picture is a #20 I'm pretty sure - check out those pretty mono eyes! The wings on the side flare out then curve back to hook - I'm not sure if they act as wing pads of the pupa or if they represent a thorax... hmmm.

    Any guesses?

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  2. Looks like a caddis has the wing pads, antenna, etc. I tie something similar but use a scud hook. Also is the insect trying to imitate with the fly.

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  3. Nice fly Big E What do you use for your wing pads?
  4. It's a emerging caddis hers the pattern I use.It's a Al beatty pattern.
    Thread:brown or green
    Rib:tying thread
    Body:eek:live brown or green super fine dubbing
    Wings:brown swiss straw
    Eyes:melted mono
    Antenna:Two wood duck flank fibers

    I fish emerging caddis with a floating line in the film on a dead drift and at the end of my drift I give a little twitch.Great fly in heavy caddis hatches.I wish I could post a picture but I don't have the technology.

  5. Dark Hun dipped in head cement to fix the fibers together.
  6. I dunno man, those wings look a lot like duck primary or something similar. Not that swiss straw wouldn't work like a charm.

    Big E - that fly is *NICE* bud, extremely. Nice tie.
  7. Thanks for the compliment.
  8. I have seen that fly in shops as well. Here is my guess:

    Caddis Pupa

    Eyes - mono nymph eyes (good luck finding size 20)
    Wings - Mallard quill
    Body - Caddis green dubbing - Prob. rabbit
    Rib - Chart. or green krystal flash
    Legs - Partridge
    Wingcase and anttenna - Phesant tail
    Head - Dark brown rabbit dubbing

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