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  1. I worked my way from richmond beach into seattle stopping at the 2 other usual spots into ballard yesterday with notta kind wind to cast in and no feeling in my fingertips ,cuz it was friggn' COLD, i had no luck at all and sighted only one fish at beach #2 . looked to be a nice sized fish. im itching to go out again today after work and go to the beach just down from my new place of residence, its was about 4:45pm and the tide was on its best behavior, unlike yesterday. I start to the right and work the north side. about 45 min. into it, had what i thought to be a couple of bumps and not just the bottom again , stripped in the rest of the line and shot it out again, and WHAM! fish on. i havent said that for awhile..... it turned out to be a nice 14-16inch res. blackmouth . ive only caught blackmouth down by the narrows, never up here so it was kind of a treat for sure. be back out there pretty regularly now:)
  2. Nice to hear you're finding some variety up here! I went out on Saturday morning to Meadowdale looking for some Cutties, but didn't see a single one. There were a couple other guys there when I arrived who said they had each just lost a nice one, so I moved past them and started fishing. Once they left (after about 45 min) I started moving south still seeing no signs of life when all of a sudden -- WHAM! -- fish on! It had been a while since I felt a tug down at those beaches (like when the pinks were running, I think), so this was nice and then when I got it in I found that it was indeed not a cuttie, but a resident silver. So, I let him go and kept casting and after another 15 min or so I hooked and landed another nice little silver. I tried to be as quick as possible, bt I would say those fish were in the 15-17" range...

  3. Nice Willie...is that the park where you walk a mile or so down to the beach...or a mile or two south of Picnic Point. If so great spring/summer time beach and glad to hear someone had some success there recently.....No seals in water? Bait patterns or attractors...just curious?
  4. Yes, that's the one. Nice because not many people want to make the hike. No seals and really no signs of life except for those two silvers that apparently materialized out of nowhere. I was finally successful with the venerable white and chartreuse mini-clouser. I tie some with tiny tungsten eyes, think maybe I'll try with just bead chain as well. Oh yeah, and it was frickin' COLD! Though I did warm up a bit after those two fish, btu then I realized I was late and had to head on out. Not bad for 2 hours one Saturday morning...

  5. Thanks Willie...every time I have hit that beach I'm the only one fishing...which is good :) I actually enjoy the hike. Up to a couple weeks ago I had been hitting Picnic Point a couple times a week but anytime fish started to jump or you get a hit it seemed like that damn (resident ?) seal would show up and everything dies down then. Chartruese and orange was a good color for me at PP. Meadowdale is a pain in the a** to access (parking) when weather is nice and evening fishing...am is OK. Do you ever fish Sunday AM's?
  6. You boys should take a look at Richmond Point. I fished it Wednesday, in the middle of the ebb during a heavy windstorm. I landed two silvers of about 15", turned over six others and rose a nice searun cutt in a couple hours.

  7. Went to a seattle beach...as s oon as I got there bald eagle flew down and snatched one up right infront of me,,then the cutties were jumping like crazy way out of range and a seal kept playing by my feet at the shoreline never seen anything like it every time, made me get out of the water a few times it was charging me like a shark and then popped his head up like a puppy who wanted to play...got some great footage
  8. Had the same thing happen at Carkeek yesterday. The water started getting all roiled up, and at first I thought it was a weird current. But then ten feet away a seal pops up. Scared the crap out of me, so I did a quick back pedal to the shore. I saw several cutthroat jump also, all out of range. I think I had one shot at the popper I was using, but to no avail. Getting good practice at casting into the wind, though.
  9. Weird, I had the same seal experience two weeks ago with the weird bulge in the water. It didn't want to play, though, it just wanted to scare the fish away from me. That wind has been tough, I've been tearing my tippet to shreds on the rocks on my backcast. Maybe I suck at casting though... Hey, while I'm typing, do you guys think an 8' 6wt or 9' 5-weight rod would be better for saltwater?
  10. Uh...is that an option?
    So far, my 9' 5wt has been alright--but I have next to no experience, so don't listen to me.
  11. I know, sorry. Yes, they do make 10' 6 wts. I use a 9' 6wt, but I think either a 9'6" or 10' would be a little better all around up here because of the sloope fo the beach behind you and the distance you often need when you're chasing those salmon from shore. Given your 2 choices I would have a hard time picking. The length of the 5 wt is nicer, but the 6 wt helps get the fish in more quickly and every now and then you either want to toss something bigger or you hook into a big fish. Either way, the 6 wt would handle it better (generally).

  12. I was just kidding you Willie. I'm definitely hoping to get into a six weight of some length some time in the future, just to have the option.
  13. I've been using the 6 in the salt, and yeah, the 8 feet kinda sucks. I've landed 24" bows on a 5-weight, so the size of fish shouldn't be too much of an issue. I guess I'm just looking for pointers to get the most casting distance and veratility. Would a 5-weight with 6-weight line fight the wind better?
  14. That really depends on the rod and I have found that there seems to be a line between the 5 and 6 wts. I haven't been able to shoot well witha 5 but my 6 does...
  15. I have found a 9' 6 weight rod to be the best all around rod through winter and summer for beach fishing – wind and all, for searuns and residents. I switch to a 9' 8wt in the fall when targeting larger salmon and when distance is everything.


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