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  1. Greetings all. I was hoping to solicit some help from anyone kind enough to offer it up.

    I hit the Naches for the first time last evening and today and I am in love with this river! However I am almost in the dark about seems that there is a lot of private homes/camps along the river from Cliffdell down to Naches that I don't quite know where to wade...And I only have the option to wade...

    I am not asking for any super secret honey holes or secret flies and I am willing to look up any and all info on this river, but when I do any online searches I get vague information at best....

    I am determined to learn this river and really would appreciate any help...I would even be willing to meet someone on the river and just fish...I'll buy dinner/beer...:)

    It seemed the water was still just a bit much for me to aggressively wade but not by much. Is this river better later in July and August?

    Either way, I plan on returning in 2 weeks for a couple of days...If anyone would rather PM me with info then that's great..otherwise, I really appreciate the feedback.
  2. I highly recommend signing up for an adventure outing with Reds Fly shop. They have a wade and fish outing on the Naches on Sunday July 14th:

    The cost is $99 and will give you a tonne of information about access and different approaches. Generally they limit class size to six and you have a guide with you for advice. Check out the link to their calendar and look at the details to the class.
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  3. I went for my first time and found plenty of access. Park @ campgrounds....or pullouts.
  4. Watch out for snakes...
  5. The Red's adventure gig will get you started on the right track, but there's more to that river than just knowing where to stand and what to throw. Where are you located?
  6. I spooked two snakes the other weekend out there....I understand why anyone with a serpent phobia stays away.

  7. This sounds perfect. Can't make it this Sunday as I will be working but I will check and see if they offer class again...thanks for the feedback.

  8. I live in the Bremerton area...

  9. I live in the Bremerton area...
  10. Shame until a few years ago Naches used to fish well. Like the the Methow another river pimped out to commercial interests
  11. I'd be more wary of all the guides & their yuppie clients, they are more likely to stick a fly in you then you are to get bit by a snake.
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  12. I'm hoping to head back over in a couple of weeks for a couple of days. Maybe just park at a campground or a pullout and take a LONG walk down the river fishing as I go...hopefully come across some of the fish I have heard reside in that river...
  13. Agree with this statement. The fly guides think they own it now. It pisses me off as well as most people who have lived near the nile and naches our whole lives.
  14. To the op, you are doing the right thing by asking for pull outs. There is plenty of access by all the pullouts along 410. My advice for you is to not trespass or the property owners will be pissed. About half the private property up there along the river is posted.

    If you have a question on general locations message me. I don't like to give out information to the public very much.
  15. no serpent phobia here--.45 long colt snake loads-6 of`em... Leaves a lasting impression, as it were...:eek:
  16. Ah, come on, BB; don't fancy cowering beneath the rear leg braces on the boat, do you?:D
  17. I never worried about snakes when ever I fished the Yakima. If I ended up worrying about them I wouldn't get any fishing done. Hell I don't even worry about them here in Montana. Coming across a snake here never enters my mind. I've lived here going on 8 years now and I still haven't seen but one snake in that time.

    I don't worry about Ticks either.
  18. Why aren't you out flogging the water, Jim?
  19. i may know a thing or two about the naches. . .
  20. PM...

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