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    Thanks to all who have chimed in and given me some insight on this thread. I really appreciate the help...
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    McNasty knows a thing or two about the Naches.
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    I just drove up the little Naches this evening. Didn't fish any, was just out for a drive since I had not been up that way before. Saw lots of real sweet water and quite a few people fly fishing... and a few people who seem to be dunking worms. I thought this was supposed to be selective rules but I guess its only selective rules if enforced.
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    No fear here. When I enter a room ,women scream & dogs howl . .. never have figured out why??
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    could it be your aftershave??
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    Im heading over here this weekend, staying at the Yakima Sportsman State Park. Ive never even been to this area before, only fished the Yak up closer to Ellensburg along the canyon road. Does the Naches fish well down towards the mouth or would I be better off sticking the the Yakima? I really dont know what to expecet, just looking to try something different.
  8. Bonefish Jack Strictly FF

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    or lack thereof?
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    I would go higher on the Naches....
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    How did you do? Is the water so low that the fish have hay fever now or is there still some good fishing?
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    The Naches was fun. But it was pretty low and clear. It was super hot, nearly 100 both days. We ended up cruising up what I think was S. Naches Rd along the river all the way up to the town of Naches, stopping at a couple pullouts. We got into plenty of small fish on using a little muddler and some other dries, but nothing of any size. All in all though its a great river. Here's one of them.

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    Wow, you were WAY low in the river. I usually start about 30 min higher than where you ended. Oh well, at least you had fun and got out, nice job.

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  13. Scott Salzer previously micro brew

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    I've never been down that far and your experience confirms why.
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    There are some good fish down low, it just takes some looking. Also, to spice things up I once caught someones koi that got big and liked prince nymphs in a run a couple miles below Naches.
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