Naknek River, Alaska

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  1. A friend and I flew to King Salmon Sept. 15 and fished through the 20th. They say the weather gets iffy in September. The wind blew 4 out of 5 days that we had for fishing. Nothing like gale force wind to force a guy to focus on good Spey casting technique. Sometimes it took me 4 casts to get one out on the river, but I learned that a well executed cast will shoot, even into a very strong wind. On Monday there was no wind, hence the bug headnet shot. Nonetheless, we caught some very nice rainbow trout.

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  2. Way to go Steve! Those trout are more than "very nice", they're unbelievable. I spent many summers guiding in that general area but never had a chance to fish the Nak Nek. Someday...

    OK Amigo, why so modest? Let's see a picture of you hoisting one of those beauties. I'm calling you out!
  3. That's too bad about the wind. It sure doesn't look like it hurt your ability to catch fish!
  4. if only those fish weren't in the lake when I was there... All I caught was a lousy 16 inch king jack.
  5. Damn, that Looks like fun!

    4-1 sox,
  6. Dec,

    I am hoisting the one next to my CND. The only other hero shot of me has a blade of grass between the camera lense and the fish, and that was my biggest fish, naturally. I don't take many fish pictures. Besides, the weather kinda' discouraged it. High energy trout. No steelhead yet has taken me into the backing on that reel (120' line), but a few of those trout did! I saw backing I hadn't seen since I first spooled it on that reel.


    It was a great experience, but I'm not recovered enough just yet to catagorize it as fun. We earned every single strike, wading on unsteady footing, casting our guts out trying to get a line and fly on the water. The photos only show the finish line of the successful launches. You don't see all the crash and burn casts we made.
  7. That experience has got to be worth it all Steve. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I guess wind blew out fly lines and bugs...Maybe hard to say bad or good... : P
    Great fish and report! Thanks!
  9. wait you were wading!??! Interesting where abouts on the river? Bead fishing?
  10. AK,

    Yes, strictly wade fishing. From well above Rapid Camp around an area called the islands I think upstream to about a half mile below the lake outlet. Most places we fished had little to no backcast room. Sometimes I couldn't wade more than 10-15' from shore without risk of being swept off my feet. My hamstrings still want to cramp up at times from that workout.

    Only tried beads for the first half hour or so on the first day. Got some grabs from tiddlers and grayling, but not the trout we were after. Used flesh patterns 4-5" 90% of the time and an olive sculpin and black MOAL the other 10%.

  11. No wonder you hadn't posted in a were out fishing. Good for you. Those 'bows are very nice indeed!

  12. Thanks maybe I'll make my way up to that area next time I'm stuck in king salmon
  13. P.S. Saw those bears in July
  14. Salmo_g,
    Fantastic looking fish, glad all of your effort paid off.

  15. Nice fishies SG! Sounds like a great (if challenging) trip.

    If I didn't know better I'd think they ~were~ steelhead. Nice silvery sheen to those 'bows.

    BTW - who was running the sled? :)

  16. AK,

    Wow! Those cubs have grown quite a bit in the two months!


    Patti at Blue Fly.
  17. Naknek River Rainbows are as much steelhead as great lakes "steelhead" are... Either way Alaskan resident fish will know the socks off any steelhead I've ever caught...

    Yea those cubs have grown... They grow up so fast *sniff*
  18. I fished the Naknek last year and caught some nice bows. Those fish fight like crazy! Looks like you got into some real nice ones!
  19. What a fantastic trip! I love it up there.

    I worked in South Naknek for one summer in a fillet/roe plant there until i moved out onto a tender to cook for a guy who got all broken up on a quad on the way back from the bar.
  20. Those are some really nice rainbows.

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