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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Entomology' started by Grant Richie, Nov 30, 2010.

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  2. Has the characteristics of a stonefly nymph.
    Thats my final answer.
  3. Hellifino's
    Looks good enough to eat, I'll take two on toast.
  4. I agree, but it just didn't look like most stonefly nymphs I see.
  5. I don't see any wing pads, so I'm ruling out small winter black stonefly. If it was green in color, then a type of caddis.
  6. No green. Dark brownish/black color.
  7. He certainly looks lost and hungry. Cold feet too!
  8. Looks like a helgramite to me.
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  9. I second that. Those things can give you a pretty good bite too.
  10. Lukes got it. Bet it packs a good sized bite
  11. hellagramites are the bug equivalent of a steak wrapped in bacon to trout
  12. Yea, bacon wrapped steak with razor blade vice jaws! I wonder if a helgramite has ever eaten it's way out of a fish's stomach? :eek:

    The adult Dobson fly look even meaner. I think if one ever landed on me, I'd need to change waders. They are about as bad as those ball sucking leaches Jesse keeps telling me about. :rofl::rofl:

    edit: You know, I think the helgrammite is the single and only reason trout developed teeth. Not even fish are dumb enough to try and eat that without mutilating it first.
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  13. I agree with Luke on the Helgramite. Helgramites have six legs on the thorax with eight small feathery appendanges on the abdomen and 2-4 claws at the rear of the abdomen.
  14. I can't find any pictures of Helgramites without abdomen appendages like the one in Richie's picture. Here it is blown up.

    View attachment 36623

  15. Luke, I think you get the non-prize. I couldn't figure out the lack of gills on the body until I just read that they crawl out of the river in winter to pupate inside of a cocoon they build somewhere on shore.
  16. It could also be a a diving beetle larvae. Those bastards bite too!
  17. The diving beetle larvae looks pretty good, but the body seems to taper the opposite direction.
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  19. I noticed this too, but I DID find pictures of them with the body not tapering as drastically.

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