Naming steelhead drifts/runs

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Big Tuna, Jan 20, 2005.

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    Many of the more famous steelhead rivers have drifts/runs/pools that have names. Each year I fish with my dad and two of my brothers, often on different rivers. One of our traditions is to name the drifts or runs that we fish so that we are able to debrief at the end of each day and know where each person has fished. Some of the drifts we've named are Gutpile, Vic's drift, and the Anniversary Drift. Gutpile got it's name from a nearby stinking guessed it, gutpile. Vic's drift is where my younger brother Eric (also known as Vic) caught one of his first steelhead, a beautiful 10lb buck. Anniversary drift is a drift where I caught two 9-10 lb. metalheads the day after my anniversary. Do you name drifts/ runs? If so, what are some of your names and the memories that are associated with them?
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    I think there is a cosmic law that says every river has to have a "Power Lines" hole. :) :) :)
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    Another common name to a lot of rivers is carbody
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    And Rock Garden.

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    Not a steelhead drift story, but on a river I've fished in Alaska a few times there was a good king drift that was known as Two Dogs Barking the first year I went. There was a native summer camp on the bank above the drift, with a drying shack for fish. The proprietors would leave a couple of dogs tied up at the camp while they went out to tend their nets. Next year I went back it was called One Dog Barking. The story I heard is that one of the dogs was killed by a grizzly sometime the previous summer.
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    What about "slide hole"
  7. Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

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    How bout "miracle mile"
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    For me it was the Horse Ranch Pool on Carmel River, CA. Mainly because it was were I hooked my first steelhead on the fly. Other memorable names were Red Rock/Painted Rock.
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    "Hog Alley," was a short run on a river in AK where my uncle and I spent some rather glorious afternoons: not wading more than 40 yards in a few hours, catching and releasing rainbows in the 3-10 pound range the whole time. This little stretch of river could match the highest densities of hogs anywhere in the world. You could pick a spot in the middle of the run and flip an egg-pattern behind the salmon to catch a pig in a few inches of water, and literally without moving your feet, flip the egg-patter over the other shoulder to the opposite bank and do the same. A couple steps upstream and repeat. One of those spots you dream about and never forget. I was more excited when I would look over and he was fighting another pot-bellied 'bow, than I was when I would hook up myself. Fishing alone is a great, fishing with family is magic.

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    It is a law that any river containing one "Power Line hole" must have atleast 3 separate and distinct powerline crossings-thereby confusing the crud out of any and every fisherperson/riverfloater.However "Guage" holes are pretty self explanatory.
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    How about cabin hole and bridge pool, pretty generic, both good holes none the less.

    Jbrandon, I totally agree. I always look forward to the one or two times a year when My dad and I fish together.

  12. Steelheader Only 3 more years until I can think like a fish.

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    The funniest one I have herd was named by a guide on the bogie. Barking Dog Hole.
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    I think my name says enough in itself...Its as pristine a place as any. I doubt if anyone has even fished it in the last few years and you can sit and hook steelie after steelie out of it. There are still a few around, you just have to know where to look. :thumb:
  14. Calibeatis New Member

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    The Riffle of Destruction, or more commonly ROD
  15. Brandon S Member

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    My favorite is one we named 20 lber hole :)
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    I prefer simpler names like, "that one spot below the riffle on the outside bend behind the submerged deflector log where the bottom washes out every spring hole". Kinda' catchy huh?

    Actually, I've never named a hole since I fish alone normally & I already know the spot.

    ....but on second thought...remembering back 2 summers ago, I think I really should name one "Bikini hole"....where the local girlies like to lay out. -as if that needed explained. :eek:
  17. Dizane Coast to Coast

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    I prefer "Dane's Hole".

    When I'm fishing the salt I love the "Bay of Pigs" hole.

  18. Ken D Northern BC

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    How many times do you hear the whine that the hole is not what _you_ call it? Ergo: there is a run of water on the Bulkley that was referred to as the fence run, because, the cattle fence ran all the way to the river. Then some dork decided to call it the "goober" run...which became the popular name after a while. so if you fish the fence run, and get questioned where it is, the responder says oh... you mean the goober run. Ya, right.... :p :p :p