Narrows Report 7/9 - not much to report . . .

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Denny, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Denny

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    Got on the water at 7 am, and fished the water from Pt. Fosdick to Pt. Evan, fishing from my little boat. Left at noon (spousal commitments). :rolleyes:

    TONS, TONS, and TONS of bait! Did I say there was lots of bait? Man, it was everywhere, in all depths. The bait wasn't schooled up at all, and only occasionally saw it being chased.

    Only hooked up a couple of itty, bitty tiddler blackmouth wannabes, with only one good grab (but no hookup). I was checked by a Fisheries boat (wow, first time for that), and they checked my barbs and my license. They said the fishing had been slow for others they had checked. The fish catcher at Day Island Marina (where I launched) also said the consensus was slow fishing, but he had checked on guy the day before with 4 coho caught at 90' using a downrigger, and one other coho caught at 125. A bit too deep for me to prospect with the bug rod all day . . .

    Fished clousers, poppers, and a couple of other small baitfish pattern. I used the first time an SA Streamer Express 250 grain, with intermediate running line and type 4 head, for the first time, on my Sage TCR 691, and an Outbound line (floater with intermediate head) on a 6 wt. Winston BIIx. Both lines rock, and are remarkably similar in design and shooting/casting characteristics.

    Beautiful day, great fishing, just no catchin'. :thumb:

    Shilshole/West Point: a neighbor was out dragging a couple of herring around by West Point, and also pulling a fly on the surface. They caught one coho, 4-5 pounder, on the fly. :thumb:
  2. Allan H

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    Hey Richard,

    I was fishing the Narrows from the bank just slightly West of the viewing area around 08:00A.

    I also saw quite a bit of bait swimming around, especially near the kelp beds at low tide, but i got skunked too. I was using clousers minnows in pink, blue, and green.

    I went over to Purdy to fish a little of the incoming tide, I couldn't believe all the tiny little crabs in the water, all were about the size of a .50 cent piece. I thought they were just regular sand crabs at first, but there were way too many of them. I quit fishing because I couldn't walk in the water without stepping on a bunch of the little buggers.
  3. Roger Stephens

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    Thanks for the information and report. Have pretty much had the same experiences as you.

    It has been slow for sea-run cutthroat and especially adult coho the few times which I have been fishing on Puget Sound in the last month or so. Saw a lot of bait fish especially 3 1/2-4" sand lance. But virtually no fish chasing them. By covering a lot of water most summers I usually get "lucky" and find some adult coho still feeding on bait fish but it hasn't happened yet.

    Hopefully the fishing will pick up by the end of the month!

  4. Mike Etgen

    Mike Etgen Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here

    Different location, same results...

    I'll throw in my skunking on the Hood Canal yesterday morning and raise you a slip and fall onto a scattered pile of really sharp oyster shells resulting in one cut-up right hand and arm.

    Before that ignominious end, I also saw a pretty fair amount of baitfish in the weedbeds I found and fished, and I had one fairly earnest and one not-so-earnest rise and swirl behind my popper.
  5. Roger Stephens

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    Richard, Allan, Mike, and myself are starting to sound like "whiners" about how poor the fishing has beenbawling: . So please someone post a successful fishing report:thumb: . It will probably be from someone up north:ray1: .

  6. Mike Etgen

    Mike Etgen Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here


    Just between you and I - I only whine about the lean times. I keep those other days to myself. ;)
  7. Dizane

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    My bro and I fished Colvos Passage last week and he caught two 14"+ cutts and lost one or two more. I only managed to lose one cutt at the boat and land one 12 incher. Like everyone else, we saw tons of bait, but it was fairly scattered and nothing appeared to be going after it. There was about a half hour period where my brother couldn't keep the dinks off; he definitely had the hot hand for the day. While the action wasn't "hot", it wasn't bad either. Hope this report helps Roger.:clown:

  8. Dale Dennis

    Dale Dennis Formally Double-D

    Well, I'll give you a north sound report.
    Fished my favorite beach area (by boat) on July 1st with a friend that I blind folded on the way there. We arrived on site about 6AM. We started out with one floater and one of us with a full sink. Both of us using what I call a "baitfish general" approximately 2" long. Didn't see the usual cutts coming out of the water but our first casts resulted in a half dozen chasers at once and one 15" cutt to the net, some chasers were at least 17 to 20". For the next hour and a half we had numerours followers and netted several other cutts to 16".
    During this hour and a half I should note that we changed flies often to keep them comming back, switching from one pattern to another. One thing I have found over the years is that Searuns wise up quickly and will only follow or short take the fly until you change patterns or move to new fish. By the way, after the sun rose higher (about an hour into the morning) the floater had to be changed to an intermediate to produce more takes.

    I have been fishing this area in the north sound for many years and is a consistant producer April through October.
    Sorry, don't even ask about location.
    Good Fishing!
  9. salt dog

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    Good job Roger, got all these 'close to the vest' fishers to spill their guts a little. As I sit here at work I always think someone is out there, right now, catching what should be my fish! Work, the fisherman's burden.
  10. Steve Rohrbach

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    Jim, as I sit here at work I realize that I ought to be out fishing given the time I spend reading this site. I envy Roger having the freedom to get out everyday (even if he doesn't catch many fish)! I would like to have the luxory to complain about how slow it has been. We will just have to keep picking our spots.
  11. Denny

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    Mike, you my kind of dude. :thumb:
  12. Denny

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