Nasty Day

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by High Flyin, Sep 28, 2013.

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    The wind was blowing sideways. The rain drenched me. The temperature was colder that the wonderful summer fishing I have become use to. So with all the negatives, it was still my most successful day this year. Hooking 8 silvers in 2 hours. The wild one was a bleeder so she came home too (she would have turned into crab bait if I let her loose). Home tied flies and a 6wt. Top fish took me to my backing. I was the only one on the beach this morning. Isn't this why we do this?

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  2. High Flyin Member

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    Gig Harbor, WA
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  3. Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

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    Very, very nice! Major props!

    Fortitude and perseverance pays off! :)
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    I was wondering if it would be worth a go but I back out. Just a big woos I guess. Looks like at least you had a good day of fishing. To the hardy goes the fish, and a very nice fish I might add.
  5. Bert Registered Potamophile

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    I love that purple-ly streak above the lateral line. So pretty.
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    photo (17).JPG

    Ok, this was todays fish. I generally don't say my location but I will give out some Lat/Long

    N 46 degrees 11' 40.8717"
    W122degrees 27' 49.3859"
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  7. doublebluff Go Beavs

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    Excellent day! Thanks.
  8. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    Thanks! Nice fish!
    The beaches are where its going to be at for a few days. A friend and I fished for Coho with gear on a rising river yesterday afternoon until dark. Water was still fairly clear. I got skunked...missed my two grabs. My buddy actually hooked and landed three...two fin-clipped bucks already showing some color and nice kypes, and one unclipped chrome hen with the scales still loose and falling off.
    I looked at the river gages around midnight, and the river we fished had risen a good two feet after we left at dusk. Blown out today.
  9. skyrise Active Member

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    drove over to the east side yesterday for the leaf fest. looking at the rivers all the way over. which were good. but on the way back, much different. i see the gauge hit just below flood stage. not good. but its all rain water so it should drop pretty quick.
    oh, nice fish. how was the wind out on the beach ?
    Wind warning for sunday pm.
    All you guys be carefull. and tie the outside stuff down today !
  10. Patrick Allen Active Member

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  11. cutthroat kid cut throat kid

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    I went out yesterday as well to an estuary that was a little more protected from the wind and hooked up with several 12 to 14 inch cutthroats. I had a coho in my area jumping quite a bit but we were not able to hook up. I am firm believer that there are only so many weekends and only so much time to fish, so I try and get out whenever I can. I kind of like it in the rain.
  12. Alexander Fishon

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    I hit the beach in the nasty as well, incoming tide, lots of action no hook-ups all short strikes. I was fishing a brown/burnt orange cone head bugger, for some reason all the SRC kept coming off...hookset on the strip. Odd day but fun in the rain.
  13. FerrousTortoise New Member

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    I hit the beach this morning and it was pretty nasty. I was surprised by the number of people I saw based on the conditions and how quiet it has been lately.