Neah Bay open 7 days a week

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by ibn, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Anyone been out there lately? Has the cooler water brought in some more fish?
  2. My only question is why the need to release chum? My dad is at sekiu right now, I will let you know how he did.
  3. Curtis,
    The chum closure is to protect summer chum, a genetically distinct, earlier returning stock than their mid to late fall brethren. Most of these fish are bound for Hood Canal drainages and are listed as threatened under the ESA.

    Here's some additional information on the summer chum if you're interested:

  4. Thanks Scott! That makes sense.
  5. Maybe someone can explain to me why they opened up fishing 7 days a week to meet the quota?

    The quotas were clearly set based on expected return numbers that we haven't seen. So instead of responding by reducing the quota accordingly, they open up fishing opportunities to try to ensure that the original quota is met.

    This says to me that more importance is placed on the predetermined quota numbers (based in part on expected return numbers) than on the reality of the run size.

    Seems odd to me.

  6. Tony:

    That's MSY (Maximum Sustainable Yield) based management at its finest. Couple that with the Boldt decision and the "forgone opportunity" clause, and you have Washington State Fisheries management in a nutshell. In layman's terms: "GET YOUR FISH WHILE YOU CAN, OR SOMEONE ELSE WILL."

    It would have been better (IMO) to just extend the hatchery coho and pink season.

    This state's fisheries agency needs an overhaul like no one's business.
  7. ncitrez,

    opening neah bay 7 days a week is extending the hatchery coho / pink season. it gives people a full weekend to fish, not just saturday... and it might even reduce the huge impact this 5 day opener was having on the bottomfish stocks in area 4.

    the reason neah bay hadn't already gone to a 7 day a week fishery (like all other coastal fisheries) was that until the first of august, we were burning through our coho quota pretty fast. now, with no danger of hitting the quota, there is no reason not to open it up 7 days a week, especially considering the historical lack of pressure after labor day... and the higher limits available in area 5 (sekiu... also open 7 days).

  8. The reliance on MSY and the "lost opportunities" clause is a poor way to manage fisheries because there seems to be no way to adapt to poor returns. I can think of better ways to manage the resource to make sure we don't overharvest when weak returns are evident. Let's see, there aren't as many fish coming back as we expected so maybe we should reduce the quota, not increase harvest to meet a quota that was set by a flawed harvest model. But that would be too simple.....
    Not sure that the commercial/tribal fisheries have ever invoked the lost opportunity clause, but I know it exists.

    Has the coho flyfishing improved in the Straits this past week? I was at La Push 10 days ago and had a hard time getting coho near the surface. My gear pals got some nice hatchery coho of 14 and 16lbs down at 60 feet. I got a few follows, boils, taps, some LDRs but no coho brought to hand. Did get a mackeral casting a Clouser on a Teeny 300. Nice tussle. Saw a few ocean sunfish too, so maybe the ocean is still a tad warmer than usual.
  9. chris, that's kind of what I was trying to say, but apparently didn't articulate very well. I'm all for catching more of the hatchery coho and the pinks, it just didn't say anything about protecting the kings which have had very poor returns this year. As for the quota, just because there is "no danger" of meeting or exceeding it doesn't mean that there isn't a chance of overharvest. That's all I was trying to say - I just don't agree with the entire MSY principle this state uses. It seems that the state intentionally sets the quotas on the "high" side just so they can still provide recreational opportunities after first satisfying the tribal and commercial interests.

    Skeena - well said. :thumb: iagree
  10. Hey ibn'
    Yes I've been fishing it. A little odd after all that rain. There was a couple of evenings when some really big silvers were up finning out in the straights, and then poof- they were gone and left pinks in there place. It seemed the best fishing yesterday was from the red can out..the fish are really moving now, so every day is differnt.

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