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  1. greatlakessteelheader Member

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    Colorado is 2 weeks out, my Sage XP 9ft 6wt is now a 5pc rod and obviously wont be fixed in time for the trip so......
    Looking for a 9ft 6wt 4pc...anybody got one they want to move? This will be a rod mainly for throwing streamers, large hoppers, heavy nymph rigs, etc. Main interest would be in a Sage or Scott but open to anything. Please shoot me a PM or an email at rich_felber@yahoo dot com with pics and price.
  2. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    Some local fly shops will loan rods, depending on how much business you do with local shops. In the past I've borrowed rods and float tubes for testing out.
  3. tedshuck Member

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    I have an IM6 9 ft 6wt 4pc, that I built on a Pacific Bay plum blank, medium fast action. I used this rod as my primary rainbow rod on a trip to Alaska 11 years ago. I threw a lot of size 4 and 6 streamers with it on sink tip lines. It is still in excellent condition. Chrome guides, two stripping guides, garnet wraps with single turn silver trim wraps on
    ferrules and stripping guide wraps, Struble U-15 reel seat with fighting butt. $90 shipped or $75 if you want to pick it up in the Denver area.

  4. Big Tuna Member

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    I have a 9' 6 weight 3 piece Marryat Evolution that I posted earlier for $110 plus shipping. Marryat is more known for their reels, but this is a solid rod. Good for streamers and nymphing.
  5. curtis bias Member

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    Have you tried picking up one of the inexpensive Redington Crosswater 9 foot 6 weights?
  6. Denny Active Member

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    What is your budget? Are you looking for a backup to your XP once it gets fixed, or a replacement for the XP?
  7. jessejames Flyslinger

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    We have a Sage Flight 9' 6 wt 4 pc demo rod soiled cork no other issues with warranty card and rod reel case.... Price
  8. greatlakessteelheader Member

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    More than likely will sell the XP once its fixed.....so I am looking for new rod (upgrade). Really like the Scott S4's and other similiar rods. Whatcha got?

  9. hawg hunter Member

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    sent you a pm. let me know if you are interested?
  10. NH Boy New Member

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    Hi Rich,
    Sent you a PM for a Scott S4 6-weight.
  11. OceanSunfish Member

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    I got a Sage TCR 691-4 collecting dust. This model has a fighting butt. Brand new condition and hasn't been fished in 7 years.....