WTB Need A 6wt

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by josh82, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. Looking for a med-action 6wt. Anyone have any?
    Would like to keep it under 300.

  2. TFO 8'6" , 6 wt., 2 pc. Like new (Used once) Professional Series $100 plus shipping.
  4. Josh,

    I know you said $300.00.....I have a almost brand new GLX Loomis 10 foot six weight....Its a steal at $400.00. The Rod that Steve has for $100 sounds like a good deal also.

  5. Brand new Echo Ion 10' 6wt. Brand new never opened, never fished, retails for $189 I'd sell it for $150
  6. I have a 2pc. 9ft. 6wt. built on a Sage Grafite III blank. It's used but not abused. $100
  7. I have a new Sage Z-Axis 9' 6" Inherited from my dad that passed away
  8. thanks for all the offers..... found a 9'6 Z-axis

  9. I am interested in a Sage SLT 9ft, 6wt, 4pc so if you are not interested would like to correspond with the pm sender who has one. Thanks...direct emails to me drnymph@centurylink.net thanks
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