NFR Need a little Chanterelle guidance...

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  1. So I'm headed to Spokane Thursday to visit a friend. Would like to bring he and his girl a gift of fresh Chantys. Can somebody point me to someplace(by PM if you wish) along the way from Auburn. I know what I'm lookin for once I'm in the area. Have about 90 min to deviate from course. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Nobody?? Nothin?? Rollin out now. Just an exit would good.

  3. better late than never.....second growth seems to be the best, mine patches are all in a mix of pine and fir, with some deciduous mixed in. Mind you these are the interior white chantrelles and not the coastal yellow ones, but the coastal ones seem to like good mature second growth too.

  4. You won't find them around sword ferns, so avoid that type of area. They will be in salal growth areas. Also in mosslike growth under fir with salal.
  5. 200% incorrect. I find 99% of the chanterelles I pick in second growth timber with scattered sword ferns. I find less in association with salal. I just picked 4 gallons in 20 minutes right by my house all in association with scattered sword ferns. We find a ton of them growing under neath the sword fern bows.
  6. I said nothing about "scattered" swordfern areas. Finding in 2nd growth areas I agree, but not in the area of masses of solid swordfern. In mossy areas with salal and huckleberry are best in 2nd growth works for me. 200% incorrect is far off base there, sonny.... Perhaps your soil conditions are different than mine.
  7. 200% wrong sounds reasonable to me when you make a blanket statement that "you won't find them around sword ferns".
  9. Pike place public market is a sure bet

  10. Oh….you are 200% incorrect! :rolleyes: :D

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