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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Rapalaman, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Bunch fuggin' idiots. That's a Mag Wart, NOT a Rapala! Would you consider a Squidro a Spade?

    Nice fish, though. I'd give it 6#.
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  2. That works well a few inches either side of 30 but not so well after 34" or so.
  3. If you fish a Mag Wart under a 1" Thingamabobber and 6 split shot, is that flyfishing?
  4. I don't know what to call it. But I may or may not have done this with a Tadpolly before.
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  5. I did't have the heart to point out it was a Tadpolly.

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  6. OP is a no good, rapala slinging corkie tosser. Get off this FLY FISHING website and go back to Sultan, WA and snag some chum with yarnies.
  7. Also, that's a sweet fish! Congrats. I would say 13 pounds... but you are from Ontario so 5.8967 kilos.
  8. Did you test it for diabetes?
  9. Not a Great Lakes rainbow, but this fish was 30" x 20" and weighed in at 15lbs 4oz.
    Your fish is longer but thinner at the back half. I would say close to 15 lbs.

  10. There are a few different equations used to estimate the weight of salmonids, one of them used by Derek above (LxGxG/690). Others are (L and G are measured in inches):


    Measuring the fish in the photo, and assuming no camera lens distortion and 3-dimensions, the girth of this fish was probably 18 to 20" (let's say 19"). So using all these equations, the fish's weight could be estimated to be between 14 and 17 lbs.
  11. Thread after thread talking about pinning, beads, spoons on two-handers, plunking or plinking or whatever the hell you left coast rednecks call it,......but you'll tell this guy he's on the wrong site? I mean, I agree, but you guys are hilarious. Maybe you just don't want GL's guys here. Or maybe you can only deviate from one aspect of the title of the forum; you don't have to be from Washington, or you don't have to be fly fishing, but by god you gotta pick one or the other.
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  12. Problem Solved. Welcome to the forum. Eh!!! Fish.png
  13. lol....thats too funny....i'm going higher im going to say 17lb.
  14. Why do you need a weight estimate?

    Due to that fish being caught on a Rapala plug, I'm seeing an ad at the bottom of the page for men's fishing clothes from top Rapala brands. Weird.

  15. I catch all my fish with gear, remove the offending lure, then post saying I caught it on the swing with a traditional steelhead dry fly in my tweed jacket.

    I think the biggest issue here is not the lure, but thats he's a snowback.
  16. Obviously an Atlantic Salmon.
  17. FWIW, my "don't plug us" was in jest. I like fish pictures. And I'm not sure if anyone disregards mid-westies, but I actually plan to fish the GR tribs for steel at leat once in the no bias here :)
  18. Nope. You got it all wrong there Brady. But, do tell me why the hell this guy post up a pick of a chubby rainbow wondering how much it weighs. Is it a way for him to brag about his catch without just saying "look at the pig I caught." or what? Like I said photoshopped guppy, who the hell really cares? I don't. Don't give much of shit about how it was caught either. I do wonder why it was posted here and not on Oh wait, you don't think he was trolling do ya? Naw, you are right we are just a bunch short dicked winers that don't want any non fly fishing great lake posers posting on our board. You got me.
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  19. You'd think with all the walleye fishing around me I'd know more about trolling, but I don't have a boat.
  20. Guys, I'm not trying to show off or start a debate about methods lol. I just want to know the weight of the fish that's all. I totally forgot about, but I posted it there now too. Thanks for the responses so far. I now think it's somewhere between 16-17.5 pounds.

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