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  1. I picked up this rod for next to nothing, thought I would play around with it. Sombody had rewrapped the guides (with what looks like sewing thread), but the blank and ferrels seem to be in decent shape. I am planning on stripping it down to the blank and starting over. My question is the grip. I have never seen one like it, and don't want to destroy it if it is something special (I don't think it is, but thought I'd better get a second opinion). Here are some pictures, when I look at it is looks like a cord that has been wrapped tightly around. Thanks for your advice.


  2. Can't say I've seen a grip coverd like that, if you like it keep it. Is that a two piece rod? 7.5'-8'? If you want to make a fishing stick, I'd add more new snake guides, (spaced like graphite rods) a larger ID agate stripper and a new tip top. The old guides were smaller for silk lines, not modern plastic coated lines. I also use tung oil instead of varnish to finish my rods, I prefer the satin look over the shiny plastic look varnish gives. Way easier, then follow up with a couple coats of carnauba wax. Just my .02 Any questions, feel free to ask! Glad to help.---Steve
  3. Don't bother with it just send it my way! It would be awesome to see your progress make sure to post pics. Good luck and have fun
  4. As far as the handle goes, there was most likely something wrong with the cork, maybe dry or crumbly, so someone decided to overwrap it with some type of twine or what have you. The handle looks to be what? 5"-6" so assuming the rod might be in the 7'6"-7'9" or so. I can't see from the pictures how many guides or the condition of the wraps but, go ahead and refinish it. It can't hurt. By the way, are there any markings on the blank, maker, brand, line weight etc.
  5. I have seen a similar thing done to grips, using thin strips of rattan (or possibly bamboo). I don't know if any manufacturers ever did it to their trade rods. The ones I have had the opportunity to hold in hand were done by the rod owner/builders.
  6. I saw a painting of a fly rod wrapped just like that in Sequim today. I kind of like the idea as a replacement for one I have with bad cork. Seems easy to do, looks good and should be durable.
  7. Thank you for your comments. I have decided I don't like the handle, it is heavy and too thick in my hand, so off it goes. So it is now just a blank, am currently removing old finish. Once done with that, I will put a new handle, reel seat, guides and tip top. It is a three peice rod that I will have in action this spring. I will post pictures along the way.
  8. There is an excellent book out that shows all the old bamboo fly rods back into the late 1800,s. Many builders did indeed use rattan grips on their rods.
  9. Hmmm....I've never built a rod. But I've done a fair amount of carpentry with bamboo and tung oil (though not very often in the same project) but hey! This is cool. I have wondered a bit about the finish of rods; and ..... I love bamboo for alot of reasons. Is finishing a rod really done with Tung oil? I might have to give rod building a try. Thanks for the heads-up.....
  10. Hey Brad, I'm an old carpenter/woodworker too, and I really enjoy taking an old eBay blue collar bamboo fly rod and stripping off all the old varnish to reveal the awesome wood hidden below! The tungsten oil I think saturates the bamboo then the carnauba wax seals the wood. I rub on a coat if I fish in the rain or after several uses I'll rub on a light wax coat. So far I've re-done 17 bamboo rods, maybe one day I'll give a try at building one, but the initial tooling start up cost scares me. My enexpensive bamboo rods will catch just as many fish as the pricey ones.....the fish don't care how much your rod costs...only your wife does!!!
  11. Okay thanks, Steve.....I hadn't actually thought of looking on Ebay for an old rod, and actually, I wouldn't even know what to look for. But I'll start. I like bamboo for so many other things, it just makes sense to have a bamboo rod as well. Hey, your avatar says 'Burien'. I grew up there! Seahurst Beach is one of my favorite places on the planet.
  12. Seahurst can be ok at times for chucking flies. I bought my house in Burien 33 years ago, grew up in the North Hill area. Did you go to Highline High? Where have you been chasing SRC's ? See you on the water!
  13. My 'Burien' days were back in the late sixties. I went to Seattle Christian, near the airport, but my dad went to Highline back in the day. Our house was at the top of the watershed area, and I spend hundreds of days walking down through the forest to the beach with my dog, and my brother and I and the neighbor kids had some BB gun battles in those woods too. Anyway, these days I'm pestering searuns down here around Tacoma, Gig Harbor area. It's a pretty little beach, though I've never fished it. Love the old neighborhood, though!~
  14. BB gun fights, that brings me back....and just think, we played with guns and I still haven't robbed or killed anybody. Makes me glad I was a kid when I was a kid! I fish over on "your side" of the sound as I'm a member of Puget Sound Flyfishers and flog quite a few beaches and by boat. Good sea run and salmon fishing. I sometimes do well at Lincoln park, it's 12 minutes from my house. I'm mainly a stillwater fisher, chironomids and emergers....can't beat em! See you on the water someday!---Steve

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