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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Thomas Williams, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Can someone list some materials I need to tie smaller sized intruders and speys? I want to start some up but dont want to waste money on the wrong stuff. Will be tying in the basic steelie colors red, blue, pink, orange, purple and black. I need to know what hooks and barbells to use as well. I know im a newbie sorry.
  2. Big E Moderator

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    Tinsel, flat and round
    Spey Hackles
    Bronze Mallard
    Dumbell Eyes
    Seal Dubbing
    Polar Bear

    That should get you started.
  3. Jamie Wilson Active Member

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    Nice list
    Probably cost a bit too!!
    I wish I could get some good, long hackle without giving up my first born.
  4. Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

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    When we say a bit are we talking more than 100$ under 200$? Let the downward spiral begin! :) I did get some nice hackle on a trade recently. Mostly black and white though. I think its Metz
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    For all the colors you want I could easily spend $200 without even thinking.

    Good Rhea is like $10 a feather, Polar Bear is $20 a sq inch, Seal is $5 a gram
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    Just remembered something since you are budget conscious and only want to tie a few flies...

    There was a fly shop in WA that sold kits whereby it had everything you needed in a pack to tie like a dozen flies of a intruder or spey pattern. Can't remember where it was though. I thought it was Irish Angler but I can't find anything on them. Maybe someone here knows.
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    I've been tying and fishing spey flies for over 20 years, including having tied them commercially for several fly shops back in the 1990's and very early 2000's. These recommendations are based on the several hundred thousand spey flies I've tied.

    For spey flies, you don't need to spend a bunch of money, especially for smaller sized ones (I assume you mean spey flies tied on #5 Alec Jackson Spey Hooks, #2 Alec Jackson Low-water Dee Hooks -which are Daiichi 2131 also known as the Veverka Classic Salmon Hook-, or #4 Partridge Bartleet CS/10 hooks).

    For spey hackle for these smaller spey flies, schlappen, Whiting Spey Hackle Hen Necks or Hen Saddle, or dyed Chinese Pheasant Rump will provide all the spey hackle you need. And none of these products is very expensive. Heck, schlappen runs around $5.00 for 1/4 oz, which is enough to tie 3 or 4 dozen flies.

    Bronze mallard is also not expensive. Hareline sells it for around $5.00 a bag. You have to open the bag and match the feathers for rights and lefts though. This is easy to do.

    The hackle used for hackle tip winged spey flies like the Glasso spey flies, is nothing more than Chinese Rooster Hackle, which is cheap by the neck at around $15.00 or less depending on size of the neck. Yes, you need full necks so you can pluch matching feathers off right and left sides of the neck to make Glasso spey fly wings.

    For dubbing all you need is Hareline Angora Dubbing, at around $3.00 or less a package.

    You will need oval tinsel in large and medium sizes, Lagartun is best at around $5.00 a spool.

    Ostrich isn't very expensive and you will need it for INTRUDERS. Lead eyes are readily available for somewhere around $5.00 or less a package, which usually has 2-3 dozen eyes in it. Waddington Shanks, although providing a great foundation for Intruders aren't really needed. You can just buy some cheap large sized hooks and cut the bend off the hook to use as the front foundation, or even better, use plastic tubes to tie the body on.

    You don't need Rhea, polar bear, or squirrel. You don't need flat tinsel either, oval is sufficient. Same goes for Estaz, it isn't needed to tie either spey flies or Intruders (Ed Ward who originated the INTRUDER never used Estaz, Polar Bear, Rhea, or squirrel in his INTRUDERS).

    And spey flies never used things like Estaz, Polar Bear, Rhea, or squirrel either. Schlappen will tie any size, including truly huge ones, spey and dee flies, so expensive feathers like Rhea are not needed.